Guide to Manggahan Festival

Manggahan Festival

Guide to Manggahan Festival: Premier agri festival Guimaras Manggahan Festival is set to happen this coming May 03 to 22, 2024. The festival, hailed as the sweetest fiesta in the country, is a celebration of Guimaras’ agriculture, centered on the province’s top produce, mangoes.

Guimaras Island

Situated in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros is Guimaras Island, among the smallest provinces in the Philippines. Formerly known as Himal-us, Guimaras was a subprovince of Iloilo until it was made an independent province in May 1992.

The island is part of the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras, one of the country’s twelve (12) metropolitan areas. The province consists primarily of Guimaras and includes islets Inampulungan, Guiwanon, Panobolon, Natungan, Nadulao, among others. Moreover, its municipalities include Buenavista, Jordan, Nueva Valencia, San Lorenzo, and Sibunag.

With a total of ninety-eight (98) barangays, the island has a total coastline length of 470.29km and a land area of 60,457 ha. Major rivers include Igang River, Sibunag River, Cabano River, and Mantangingi River.

Regarding topography, land elevation ranges from 0 to 300 meters above sea level. Mount Dinalman, in Sibunag, has the highest elevation of 267 meters above sea level.

Sweetest Mango

“Get a taste of mangoes and more,” a statement from the Province of Guimaras. Guimaras mangoes, hailed as the ‘sweetest’, was conferred with a Certificate of Geographical Indication (GI) Registration by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). The certificate was given to the Provincial Government of Guimaras and the Guimaras Mango Growers and Producers Development Cooperative in 2023.

The GI certification, signed by the Bureau of Trademarks, states that the Guimaras mango has a sweetness of 16 degrees Brix and even higher, making it the sweetest mango.

In an article by the Philippine News Agency, Provincial Economic Development (PED) Officer Francisco Gentoral revealed that it took the province two years to get the certification. It was due to the intensive documentation of mango production, sweetness level testing, and hot water treatment processes. Moreover, the quality of mangoes is attributed to the province’s topography.

Manggahan Festival

According to the Guimaras: Mangoes and More website, Manggahan Festival started as a weeklong celebration of the island’s rich culture and bountiful harvest. The festival was later extended into a monthlong event.

“This festival is celebrated every summer season to promote the burgeoning mango industry of the island and also to attract tourists,” excerpt from the Guimaras: Mangoes and More website.

The 2024 Manggahan Festival is set to happen from May 03 to 22, 2024. The highly coveted Mango Eat All You Can will start on May 03, together with the Agri Eco Trade Fair.

Travel to Guimaras Island

Visitors can travel to Guimaras from Iloilo City (via Fiber Boat and RoRo) or Negros Occidental (via RoRo). Fiber Boats offer a 15-minute boat ride from Parola Wharf to both Jordan Wharf and Buenavista Wharf. RoRo, meanwhile, offers a 30-minute boat ride from Lapuz to Jordan RoRo Port. Those from Negros Occidental can travel via RoRo (45-minute boat ride) from Pulupandan in Negros to Sebaste Port in Guimaras.


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