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Master BBQ, Manila’s Famed BBQ House, is Now in Iloilo

Master BBQ

Master BBQ, Manila’s famed BBQ house, recently had its soft opening last April 26, 2017; 6 PM in its location beside Gran Plains Subdivision, Jaro. The BBQ place will be offering its top-selling barbeques that include pork BBQ, liempo BBQ, and chicken BBQ. A family BBQ recipe of 76 years, the newly opened place will be bringing the famed flavors of Manila BBQ. Here is an interesting introduction about Master BBQ, including a colorful history, from Master BBQ owner Paul Jonathan Manalo Pike:

Master BBQ is the new brand of one of the descendants of a family with culinary passion from Pasig, Metro Manila – Three Sisters’ Restaurant of Pasig. I am Paul Jonathan Manalo Pike, and I am the 4th generation descendant.

Three Sisters’ Restaurant of Pasig has been around for more than 76 years, burnt down during the war, built after the war, and still serving the family’s heirloom lutong bahay recipes up to this day. Among the restaurant’s best sellers are the barbeques, which is also an heirloom recipe of my great grandmother, Lola Rosa, who started it all. Believe it or not, I myself am a fan of these barbeques. It always satisfied me eating them as a kid and as an adult. I remember my younger years in high school, where I would have Pork BBQ, Liempo BBQ, and Chicken BBQ alternatively as baon to save money for my arcade and billiard games with classmates during Fridays. To be honest, I rarely eat my baon not because I reached the satisfaction of flavors, but my batch mates asked to ‘swap’ their baon with mine! I never noticed the impact to others, since I was only a student back then. I just thought that they were already sawa with their Spams and Adobos. I only realized that our barbeques had impact on consumers when I met a girl back in college, my wife now, Julia.

As son of a restauranteur, I normally treat my friends to our place, and yes, to save up for the weekend gimmick. My mom wouldn’t mind me treating them at our restaurant, as long as she sees we are enjoying. When I had a Julia first taste our food, on her first bite, she suddenly paused, and said something I will never forget – “Paul, may laban ang food niyo”. She was captured by the sweet and salty, juicy, tender and flavorful chunks of pork. She also enjoyed it with our traditional spicy BBQ sauce, as she and other customers would dip the pork, and top the rice with it.

Customers would also say, “sauce pa lang, ulam na”. Having only a single branch, I suddenly realized the opportunities. Few years after joining Christmas Bazaars, street bazaars, and opening a BBQ-only branch in Tiendesitas, Pasig City, we were a word of mouth. Our barbeques were featured in several newspaper write-ups, food magazines, and several TV appearances like Pop Talk, morning talk shows, and also Kris TV. Fast forward to 2017, my Ilongga wife Julia and I decided to finally introduce these sumptious barbeque outside Manila, and being the one if not the best barbeques in the Metro, the master of grilled barbeques, we introduce to you – Master BBQ.

Apparently, Iloilo is known to have chicken as comfort food. It is obvious just by walking down literally any street! Inasal and Lechon Manok everywhere! Master BBQ will be introducing pork as main product to the vast playing fields of chicken. Initially, we will be opening 2 branches in Iloilo this summer, Jaro and Pavia. Our target is to open 3 more branchs by the end of 2017, making it a total of 5 branches, and more in the succeeding years. In God’s always-perfect timing, we hope to be accepted as a local flavor, and to be added in the long list of amazing comfort foods of beautiful Iloilo, and possibly, the whole Panay island.


Master BBQ

Master BBQ is now open for business and is located beside Gran Plains Subdivision in Jaro. Enjoy Manila’s top selling barbeque now available here in the City of Love. Enjoy! #SinongMasterMo

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