Play Math and Logic Games Online

Math and Logic Games

Play Math and Logic Games Online: Ever played a game in which you have to do a simple or complex mathematical equation to pass a level? If you’re one of the math-savvy individuals, then this is for you! Personally, I’m not one who is into math, but it pays to challenge your brain sometimes.

Calculators.Org is a versatile website offering everything calculator related. It offers free online calculators that compute important day-to-day essentials such as savings, loans, debt, budget, credit card, automotive, investing, mortgage, and so much more! Also, it doesn’t stop there, it also has calculators that are health-related (weight, pregnancy, smoking, etc), business-related (VAT, sales tax, cash flow, etc), and general mathematics (scientific, algebra, calculus, etc).

The website is the brainchild of Gio Marie and reflects her passion for computers, teaching, and simplicity. Simplicity, because even the most complex equations can be simplified – and one way of simplifying the complexity of mathematics is through games. Hence, here are interesting games to play and have fun with math.

Grocery Cashier

Being a cashier is not easy – especially when you get to handle other people’s money. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that you have received the correct amount of cash and dispensed the correct amount of money – because any difference would literally cost you. In this game, you get to be the cashier and do what a cashier does. Play it now!

Math and Logic Games

Math and Logic Games

Master Sudoku

This alone can have you hooked for hours. Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial, number-placement puzzle (Wikipedia). The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids, also known as boxes, blocks, or regions contain all of the numbers from one to nine. A partially complete grid is provided, and it is up to you to provide the solution. In the game, you get to choose the level of complexity – easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane, and absolutely inhuman. Well, I am not a pro at this so I chose the easiest level. Play it now!

Connect Merge

This has to be my favorite so far. This game is similar to 2048 where you connect pieces – up or down, left or right, or diagonally. When connecting pieces, numbers of the same value, you double the number. The end goal is basically to last the longest. It is, in some way, a strategy game. Play it now!

And the number of games goes on.

The website offers more math-themed games circling from simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to memory math, numerical basics, and logic. This website is also a great avenue to introduce kids to math. Visit Calculator.Org now!



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