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Mayor Signs EO 75 Placing Iloilo City Under GCQ

Iloilo City Mayor recently signs Executive Order No. 75, an Executive Order implementing the General Community Quarantine in Iloilo City. It includes the General Guidelines of the Graduated and Phased Revitalization of the Local Economy of Iloilo. The period of GCQ will be from 12:01am of May 16 until 11:59pm of May 30.

The EO includes the following guidelines.

Restricted movement of vulnerable sectors. The following persons belong to the vulnerable group: persons more than age 59 years old, persons below 21 years old, persons with comorbidities and immunodeficiencies, persons with disabilities, and persons who reside with the above mention persons. The movement of the vulnerable group is only limited to buying food, medicine, essentials, seeking medical care, and seeking medical consultation.

Prohibited industries. This includes the following industries: spa, massage centers, facial centers, gyms, fitness studios, sports facilities, libraries, archives, museums, travel agency, tour operator, resort, park, beaches, tourism establishments, amusement centers including movie houses, theaters, computer and online gaming shops, night clubs, pubs, casinos, cockpits, movie, and the like.

Prohibited activities. This includes the following: entertainment-related mass gatherings, business-related mass gatherings, politically related mass gatherings, sport-related mass gatherings, gambling and betting activities, travel-related activities, and activities of membership organizations.

Allowed industries and activities. This includes the following: agriculture and fisheries industry; manufacturing and processing plants; hospitals and medical clinics; dental and EENT clinics; retail establishments; food preparations; logistics service providers; delivery service; banks and capital markets; public utilities; electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply; manufacturing companies of construction equipment; postal and courier; water collection, treatment, and supply; waste collection, treatment, and supply; sewerage;

Veterinary activities; repair and installation of machinery and equipment; repair of computers and personal household goods; building and landscape activities; employment activities; security and investigation; programming and broadcasting; rental and leasing; accommodation used as quarantine facilities and temporary accommodation for essential industries; extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; gasoline stations; laundry shops; funeral services; export companies; mining and quarrying; BPO and KPO; media outfit organization; monetary transfer services; essential construction projects; administrative activities; legal and accounting offices;

Management and consultancy activities; architecture and engineering; scientific and research development; advertising and market research; computer programming; publishing and printing; motion picture production and publishing; photography, fashion, graphic design; malls and commercial centers; barbershops and parlors; non-leisure establishments.

Safety response measures. This includes the following: mandatory use of facemask, strict implementation of physical distancing, contact tracing, and COVID19 testing, confinement at designated quarantine and isolation facilities, regulated travel of persons between ECQ and GCQ areas, and the necessary imposition of extreme ECQ in the barangay once two confirmed cases are detected.

Regulated sale and consumption of liquor. Persons are still prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages in public and regulated dispensing of liquor. Whiskey, brandy, and rum should only be sold at a maximum quantity of 2 liters per day. Wine, champagne should only be sold at a maximum of 4 liters per day. Beer should be sold at a maximum quantity of 1 case per day. All other liquors should be sold at a maximum quantity based on the alcohol content of the aforementioned beverages.

Regulation on mass public transportation. Operators of PUJ and PUB should comply with the provisions of the LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2020-017. Taxis and transportation network vehicle service should comply with provisions of the LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2020-018.

For further information, kindly refer to the full EO 075 below:

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