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Mayor Treñas on Senior Citizens

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas recently made a statement on social media regarding the welfare of senior citizens in Iloilo. The mayor acknowledges that senior citizens are one of the high-risk populations and should be assisted. Thus, the city mayor had a meeting with the Social Pension Distribution to discuss strategic plans for the senior community.

“Ang mga pinalangga ta nga mga tigulang, aton mga nanay, tatay, lolo kag lola, isa gid sa mga dapat man naton buligan bangud sila maluya na kag wala na dapat nagaobra. We had a meeting regarding the Social Pension Distribution, discussing the strategic plan on how are we going to distribute it to the senior citizens since they can’t go out unless they have essential transactions,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas

According to the mayor, there will be a holding area for senior citizens where they can conduct distribution. Moreover, for seniors who cannot go out to claim their pension, their pension will be handed to them in their respective homes.

“We will have our holding area for the senior citizens in a certain place where we would conduct the distribution. While for all senior citizens who cannot go out to claim their pensions, we will go to their respected homes to hand over the cash,” Treñas adds.

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