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Mayor Treñas Reacts to Teddy Locsin Jr.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas recently reacted to the tweet of Teddy Locsin Jr., Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Locsin made a comment about an appeal made by the Iloilo City Government to downgrade the MECQ status to GCQ.

“How come Treñas can blame his constituents of carelessness, of being pasaway – that ugly word – and get away with it? Because of opposition hypocrisy,” says Teddy Locsin Jr in a tweet.

Iloilo City Mayor aired his thoughts about the comment, and it was shared on the Iloilo City Government social media page. Here, Treñas reiterates that he does not blame anybody for the rising cases in the metro.

“Please be informed that I have not blamed anyone of the rising cases in Iloilo City. I take full and complete responsibility of what happens to Iloilo City, and I am now exploring all options as to what is best for my people and my city. As a leader, I know the buck ultimately stops with me. I take full and complete responsibility, my beloved Ilonggos. I am sorry I failed all of you. I am now working with several groups because I know you are paying me to do so,” states Treñas.

Here, Treñas responds to Teddy Locsin.

“Sorry, Teddy Boy Locsin, we all take care of our constituents the best we can. I have not blamed my constituents since we continue to look for ways and means to flatten the curve. I know you do not know how to work in the LGU since you have never run a city. Iloilo City is much better than other cities because here, sir, we all work together because we know that governance is always a shared responsibility, both of the governors and the governed,” Treñas starts.

“Here in Iloilo City, Teddy Boy, we no longer remember the political colors of the leaders and the people. We serve only one Ilonggo people and we don’t care what their political colors are. We are here to save all Ilonggos – no matter what political color they have. It is unfortunate that in the midst of a pandemic you still claim political sides. Very unfortunate indeed – Iloilo City will always remain my beloved Iloilo, and Teddy Boy, we will always be together as we fight this pandemic,” he adds.

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