McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park

McDonald's Iloilo Business Park

McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park: Property giant Megaworld welcomes the ‘most modern McDonald’s in the entire Iloilo province’ with the reopening of the McDonald’s store this month. The redesigned McDonald’s showcases several firsts in the province, including the first-ever McCafe, the first tandem drive-thru, and the bike-and-dine facility.

“We are so excited to share a fresh and exciting dining experience with the Ilonggos in what is now known as the ‘most modern McDonald’s store in the entire Iloilo province’. I remember that this store used to be the biggest McDonald’s store in the entire province when it first opened in 2014. A decade after, we will celebrate lots of exciting firsts here in McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park, including being the biggest in terms of seating capacity among all McDonald’s stores in Iloilo City,” states Eugene Reducindo, Managing Director, Choice Gourmet Banquet Inc. (CGBI), the company that operates McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park.

The store temporarily halted operations back in November 2023 to make way for the renovation. The overall design for McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park follows the Ray Palette concept, the fast food giant’s signature global design scheme standard that emphasizes space and lighting.

A green wall was installed outside the store to further its thrust towards sustainability. Soon, the store will house the province’s first-ever bike-and-dine facility, as well as its bike repair station – especially since the metro is known as the bike capital of the country. Other future sustainability efforts include a dedicated e-vehicle charging station and several solar lamp posts.

Moreover, to cater to more customers, the store highlights a ‘tandem drive-thru’, wherein it can cater to two customer vehicles at a time. Inside, the store can seat up to 250 diners. Self-ordering kiosks (SOKs) are also available for a seamless and swift transaction. In addition, digital payment channels are also available. Wireless charging ports are also made available at communal tables.

McDonald’s Iloilo Business Park also features a total of three function rooms, one on the ground floor and two on the second, which can accommodate up to 200 guests. A dedicated play place is also available for children. View photos here.

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