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Profriends: Merrydale Homes

Merrydale Homes

ProFriends Introduces Merrydale Homes: Property Company of Friends, Inc. (Pro-Friends), having 23 years in the property development business, launches Merrydale Homes, a 6.5-hectare development that combines practical livable homes with multipurpose spaces. This design will enable families to enjoy more opportunities for bonding and wellness activities. Merrydale Homes is ProFriends entry in the socialized housing category and aptly calls it community living, as it is characterized by the integration of open spaces and other facilities to encourage healthy community living.

Merrydale Homes Strategic Location

Situated near the bustling municipality of Pavia and approximately 15 kilometers away from Iloilo City, Merrydale Homes is near schools, work locations, and commercial establishments. This gated development offers the Amber House Model which features provision for two bedrooms, a living, dining, and kitchen area, one toilet and bath, and a service area. Within the community will rise a multi-purpose hall and an open, multipurpose court.

Budget Friendly Home

Through Merrydale Homes, Pro-Friends is able to offer homes within the budget. Start-up families or even individuals or heads of families with a monthly income of 12,000 may easily acquire one unit and pay for as low as P3,000 per month via Pag-Ibig Financing. Owning a home is easy through Merrydale Homes. And since the surrounding area of the community is continuously developing, the value of Merrydale Homes is surely expected to grow in value in the succeeding years.

Amber House Model Bungalow Rowhouse

The Amber House Model Bungalow Rowhouse (with a floor area of 28 square meters and a lot area of 40.25 square meters) includes provision for two bedrooms, living, dining, and kitchen areas, one toilet and bath, and provision for a service area. House finishes include a complete one-story rowhouse with pre-painted GI sheet roofing, steel casement window, exterior and interior walls (painted plain cement finish), plain cement flooring, plain cement kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink, ceramic tiles for toilet and bath floor with water closet and basic shower fixtures.

Merrydale community amenities include a multipurpose hall, an open multipurpose court, pocket open spaces on selected blocks, an entrance gate, and a guardhouse.

The Continuing Progress in Pavia

The past decade has been a manifestation of the rapid development in the province. Various infrastructure projects and private developments have sprung up everywhere in the area. Among the towns that have shown growth alongside the region’s progress in Pavia. Considered the smallest municipality in Iloilo in terms of area, it has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the province.

ProFriends Vision of Progress

As early as 2007, ProFriends envisioned Pavia’s potential. This is the reason why the fastest growing property developer established two thriving communities in Pavia – Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas. Ideally located near the City Proper, road infrastructures have even made accessibility easier. Just recently, the P680 million Ungka II flyover located at the junction of Pavia opened. The four-lane and 453.7-lineal meter flyover project aimed to ease increasing traffic due to continuous developments happening in the area.

Before the pandemic, in 2018, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) also completed three flood control projects in the center of Iloilo. One of the beneficiaries of this project is the municipality of Pavia through the Tigum Flood Control Project along the Jaro-Tigum bridge in Purok 1, Pavia. The P18.617 million Tigum Flood Control Project includes the construction of a 233.8-lineal meter river wall, with provisions of earthworks, drainage, and slope protection.

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