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Money Under 30 – Pocket Guide for a Millennial

Over a century, Sun Life has been an advocate to help people deal with their life goals and financial situations. They have seen the worst scenarios a mortal can undergo during a crisis. This caused them to pursue more on financial literacy campaigns all over the country hoping to create a generation with a brighter life.

Sun Life Funday Iloilo at Dova Brunch Café made the afternoon fun packed with life learning and financial tips. Money Under 30 was graced by Miss Katrina Loring, a young and successful entrepreneur and Mr. Michael Gustilo, Sun Life Visayas Regional Sales Manager together with their personal stories on financial stability and success.
Listening to what our speakers has to say, we have this “Pocket Guide for a Millennial” to take your finances in the next level. Be wise. Learn the in and out. Understand what makes the money tick.

Money Under 30 – Identify needs from wants. Miss Katrina noted that this comes with the age. Most of us, if not all, have gone through the scenario of labeling our wants as needs when we were younger. However, when the pressure of real life hits us, it comes naturally that we begin to see the needs clearer and identify them from our mere wants. This actually starts after graduating from college as we find our first job and earn our first salary.

Money Under 30 – Spend after saving. Miss Katrina also discussed that most of the time we spend our money first before thinking about savings. It is a common mistake to perceive that savings comes after spending. Expenses should be salary deducted by savings. In this manner, we don’t abuse our spending habits but we live within the capacity of our income.

Money Under 30 – Start investing “yesterday”. Mr. Michael talked about investment and the factors we have to consider. First thing, he mainly discussed that investment should have started yesterday. More so, one factor in investing is time. Have the right time which was yesterday. Secondly is money. Save as much as you can to invest on something that can grow. Lastly, interest which you should know the inflation rates for your investments. How much will you earn in a matter of time?

Money Under 30 – Don’t depend on salary as the only source of income. Mr. Michael also noted that one of the biggest mistakes of people when it comes to sourcing an income is thinking that salary is the only mode of earning. This is a mindset that thinks we can only earn from salaries. We boxed our mindset that being employed is the only way to earn money. But there are other ways and means to earn. Mutual funds, insurances and others can be another way to earn and grow our money through investments.

Ms Katrina Loring

Mr. Michael Gustilo

Now, these four main points are just a starter kit for your brighter life. These will be meaningless without appropriate actions. Take time to assess your current lifestyle, spending habits, sources of income and let’s talk about your future. Never think you are too young. Never think it is too late. Never think you can’t do it. Start young. Start now. You can do it!

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