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MORE Bares Plans for Iloilo City

New power distributor MORE Electric has been lambasted over its lack of facilities in the City of Love, especially with an expropriation case against Panay Electric Company. Just recently, MORE bared its facilities, complete with utility vehicles, motorcycles, pickup trucks, digital meters, concrete poles, steel poles, and more.

‘Ready to serve’ is the tagline of the Panay Electric Company contender. With Republic Act 11212, granting MORE Electric and Power Corporation a franchise to establish, operate, and maintain, for commercial purposes and in the public interest, a distribution system for the conveyance of electric power to the end users in the City of Love, Province of Iloilo, and ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity in the franchise area, signed into law February 14 and made effective March 6 of the same year.

“We are a service oriented company committed to bringing only the best customer experience to the electric consumers of Iloilo City”, is MORE Power’s brand direction. The power distribution company acknowledges the grave need for a modernized, reliable, cost effective, flexible, and scalable power supply delivery system. It aims to ensure quality, reliability, security, and affordability of the supply of electric power.

As of date, the power company focuses on four strategic goals for the city. Primarily, it aims to improve the distribution system’s reliability, minimize franchise wide outages, and commit to competitive power rates, and provide customer satisfaction. It can be recalled that MORE has committed Php 1.7 billion for reliability improvement, system loss reduction, capacity and power quality improvement, and safety improvement.

  • improve the distribution system’s reliability
  • minimize franchise wide outages
  • commit to competitive power rates
  • provide customer satisfaction

The investment includes a utility management system software that will serve as a front end system. This includes a customer management system, work management system, billing management system, and collection management system. MORE will also implement a ‘SAP ERP System’, an enterprise resource planning software that integrates financials, sales, and purchasing data.

  • customer management system
  • work management system
  • billing management system
  • collection management system
  • SAP ERP System
  • Synergee Software
  • distribution system analysis software

The company will also implement a ‘Synergee Software’, a power system analysis package that simulates load flow, symmetrical and asymmetrical faults, capacitor placement, cable ampacity, contingency switching, switch optimization, harmonic impedance, motor starting, phase balancing, predictive reliability, and protective device coordination.

It will also utilize a distribution system analysis software that will enable electric distribution utility to calculate the reliability indices for its distribution system, calculate SAIFI, SAIDI, and MAIFI, and even EENS, CAIDI, ASAI, ASUI, ASIFI, and ASIFI. Other softwares include a customer queuing system and system facilities mapping. The systems facilities mapping will provide an easy viewing of the electric distribution network and clusters the system by district, barangay, and electric feeder.

In terms of the long debated facilities, MORE announces that it has utility trucks for 24/7 response, utility trucks for meter installation teams; motorcyclesfor metering services, administration, and network operations; pickup trucks for customer care and network operations. MORE has also announced the existence of digital meters, meter boxes, electric poles, concrete poles, steel poles, tools and equipment, and a mobile substation. A mobile substation will minimize outages during rehab works as well as increase capacity and power quality.

  • utility trucks for 24/7 response
  • utility trucks for meter installation
  • motorcycles for metering services,
  • pickup trucks for network operations
  • digital meters
  • meter boxes
  • electric poles
  • concrete poles
  • steel poles
  • tools and equipment
  • mobile substation

In terms of MORE commitment to reduce power supply costs, it also announced that it will source out its power requirements in the least cost manner. In terms of its commitment to provide seamless customer service, MORE will provide non discriminatory services, spot billing in all districts, accurate meter reading, 24/7 dedicated hotline, 24/7 response team, key accounts management, and dispute resolution.

The above mentioned facilities ensures the public that MORE is indeed ‘ready to serve’.

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