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MORE Completes Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of Five Substations

In an update, MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) announced to the public that it has completed the corrective and preventive maintenance of all five substations in the metro. Included in the maintenance is the testing of all devices and equipment, degassing, functionality testing of circuit breakers, filtering, and changing of oil on the on-load tap changer and main transformer.

An estimated 16,000 liters of oil at the 30 MVA power transformers at the Mandurriao Substation were filtered up to three cycles for it to return to its normal quality – thus the reason for the prolonged power interruption. Moreover, due to the weight of the main transformer, experts conducted soil penetration testing and laboratory tests to assess the bearing capacity of the soil and to provide an appropriate solution.

MORE also added feeder meters to the substation to monitor the load passed to each meter and distribution transformers. It may be recalled that MORE Power installed two automatic circuit reclosers to Feeder 3 at East Baluarte Molo and Feeder 5 at Dulonan Arevalo during its preventive maintenance at the Molo Substation.

In addition, two additional circuit reclosers were installed at the Feeder 2 at Dungon A, and Feeder 4 at Guzman Street. This will restore electricity should there be any momentary line faults in the area. Parallel line works were also conducted and the 69kV lines were relocated in ISAT-U to allow the construction of an overpass that will connect the university campuses.

MORE has also installed three concrete posts, including an additional mid-span pole at Q-Abeto and R.Mapa in Mandurriao. Moreover, 11 faulty cross arms were replaced in the same area.

MORE Explains Power Delay

MORE, apparently, was not able to resume electricity in its target time due to the misalignment of the DSW of the 69kV sub-transmission line in La Paz that supplies electricity to the Mandurriao and Jaro Substations – thus the additional two-hour extension for it to install a 69kV air break switch bypass wire at Baldoza, La Paz.

MORE was able to fully restore electricity of five feeders at the Mandurriao Substation at 7:50pm.

Here is the official statement from MORE Power:

“The maintenance work at the Mandurriao substation is the fifth and last round of maintenance optimization that we have been instituting to repair all the aging substations and enhance their performance for them to run at maximum efficiency.

We want everyone to understand that preventive maintenance work on our substations is a critical part in ensuring their optimal performance in the long term. After continual use, all machines will begin to deteriorate in functionality, making them less efficient and less reliable which is why this preventive maintenance work is essential to ensure that they will be working efficiently and safely.

With all the substations now primed and powered up, we assure everyone that the chance of emergency or unnecessary repairs is now reduced as the maintenance efforts basically lowered its chance from happening. Be assured that this effort is a cornerstone of our strategy to provide the Ilonggos access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.”

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