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MORE Modernization Gets Nod from Iloilo Business Groups

MORE Electric and Power Corp’s gets support from the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILEDF), Iloilo City’s prime business group, after the distribution utility (DU) launched its Php 1.8 billion modernization program, an initiative that will eventually phase out inefficiencies in the facility.

According to ILEDF Executive Director Francis Gentoral, the group is studying improvements to provide the city a DU with “a demonstrated capability, track record, and financial capability to operate and maintain a distribution utility for a fast-growing metropolis; make significant investments in infrastructure; systems and technology; and human resources; and maintain a long-term commitment to Iloilo.” Read more: MORE Power modernization program gets support from Iloilo business group, an article by Inquirer.Net

MORE Modernization Efforts

MORE is keen on its modernization efforts that include the installation of new electric meters, replacement of electric poles, transformers, conductors, and improvement in substation facilities. MORE Power President and Chief Operating Officer Roel Z. Castro revealed that the modernization program will cut system losses as well as provide a cheaper and safer electricity supply. Read more: MORE Power modernization program kicks off in Iloilo City, an article by Business Mirror.

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