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MORE Power Consumers Can Now View Bill Online

In an update, MORE Electric and Power Corporation announced that customers can now view their bills online. Consumers can view the summary of their bills and payment history with their account number via the MORE Power website. Moreover, consumers can also pay online for a seamless and contactless transaction.

“You can now view the summary of your bills and payment history using your Account Number. For convenience, you may also pay your bill online,” excerpt from a social media post of MORE Power Iloilo.

“Please follow our step-by-step online payment guide to start paying your bill on your computer or phone. After payment, you can view your account ledger and monitor your payments and consumption,” excerpt from another social media post. Read more: Everything You Need to Know as a MORE Power Consumer

Customers can visit the link (www.payment.morepower.com.ph) and click ‘register now’. Further instructions can be seen on the website and on the video below:


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