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More Power Explains Root Cause of Yesterday’s Power Interruption

More Electric and Power Corporation, in a social media post, explains the root cause of yesterday’s power interruption (December 19) at 2:24pm. According to the distribution utility, it is due to the explosion of a 30-year-old and obsolete cable that caused the termination of the power supply of the 20MVA City Proper Substation.

“69 KV service drop wire of City Proper Substation that connects to incoming power cable detached and made contact with cross-arm that caused flash-over and line-to-ground fault in 69 KV line 2,” states More Power Iloilo in its social media post.

The distribution utility also narrated the steps taken to alleviate the situation.

“Since we cannot just repair the cable cut-off termination due to its obsolescence, we instead constructed a new by-pass line. We are targeting to finish this before 8am so we can reenergize the 69 kV subtransmission and bring back the power supply to its original configuration,” adds More Power Iloilo.

The DU also had to conduct another power interruption to reconnect and energize the newly-constructed by-pass line to the sub transmission line supplying power to all substations (except Lapaz).

All feeders were online at 8:43am

Here is a lengthy narrative of the technical process More Power conducted:

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