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MORE Power Iloilo 2024 Updates

MORE Power Iloilo 2024 Updates: More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo) President and Chief Executive Officer Roel Castro bares development updates as the distribution utility reaches its fourth year in operation.

The monthly average interruption frequency decreased by 84% and the monthly average duration by 76% from 2021 to 2023. System Loss reduced significantly by December 2020 (18.98%), December 2021 (9.68%), and December 2022 (7.11%) since the distribution utility started its operation in March 2020 (with system loss at 30%).

Captive customers significantly increased: residential (from 55,530 in 2020 to 88,158 in 2023) and commercial (from 2,475 in 2020 to 2,606 in 2023), among others. This brings the cumulative captive market (including power and others) from 59,949 in 2020 to 93,370 in 2023.

A total of 4,883 poles were replaced and installed; 993 distribution transformers were replaced and installed; 42,823 total kWh meters were replaced; 45 automatic circuit reclosers were installed; 22 load bread switches were installed; several primary and secondary lines uprated; all from March 2020 to December 2023.

New Control Center

MORE Power New Control Center, located along Diversion Road in Iloilo City, is a response to the need for a ‘real-time operations and monitoring system to balance the power system’. It will be able to operate and monitor operations in real time.

Moreover, the new control center houses the first-ever centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System in Iloilo and Panay.

The SCADA System, according to Castro, is a ‘harmony of software, hardware, and intelligent programming that allows the monitoring, control, data recording, and forecasting of the system. It serves as the brain’.

Its features include the following:

Remote Substation Operations. This enables the control center to remotely access circuit breakers and switches of all substations without the need for manual intervention. This will reduce time in switching feeders after a scheduled or unscheduled shutdown.

Automated Data Recording. This enables the automated recording of data (voltage, current, frequency, and power) in millisecond intervals. These are then consolidated, analyzed, and processed to produce a systematic state of the system report.

Instantaneous Fault Detection. The system enables immediate fault detection and reduces downtime caused by manual processes. According to MORE Power, time reduction is estimated to be at 90%.

24/7 Helpline. The system also assists in improving customer service – calls and complaints are logged in by the system. This will improve turn around time in serving customers. Apart from this, the SCADA System also provides Predictive Maintenance Analysis and aids in Optimized Energy Sourcing.

“We will make use of the best technologies to assure our customers of the benefits because we at MORE Power recognize that a city that is rapidly developing cannot run anymore on a distribution system with conventional, manual methods,” states Castro.

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