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MORE Power Iloilo Guide for Consumers

MORE Power Iloilo: MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo) is ‘ready to serve’. Republic Act 11212 grants the power distribution utility a franchise to establish, operate, and maintain, for commercial purposes and in the public interest, a distribution system for the conveyance of electric power to the end users in Iloilo City, Province of Iloilo, and ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity in the franchise area, signed into law February 14, 2019, and made effective March 6 of the same year.

Commitment to Serve

As Iloilo City’s sole power distribution utility, MORE Power assures consumers of its commitment to excellent customer service, reliable electric service delivery, and competitive power rates.

Excellent Customer Service. The distribution utility stands by its mission to deliver electric services in a helpful and non-discriminatory way. It has streamlined the application process, including requirements, to make it customer-friendly. The utility also assures accurate meter readings using industry-standard equipment. Apart from that, the company provides 24/7 hotline assistance and a quick response team to address consumer needs.

  • Customer-Friendly Application Process and Requirements
  • Spot Billing in All Districts
  • 24/7 Quick Response Team
  • 24/7 Hotline Assistance
  • Key Accounts Management
  • Dispute Resolution

Reliable Electric Service Delivery. MORE Power is committed to providing reliable, safe, and quality services. On the MORE Power website, the utility reveals that it intends to invest a total of P1.57 billion in its first five years of operation, distributed among the following: reliability improvement projects, systems loss reduction projects, capacity/power quality projects, and safety improvement projects.

Customer Welfare-Driven Initiatives

  • MORE Konek
  • MORE Kolek
  • MORE Korek
  • MORE Update

Apply for a Connection

How to apply for a connection: To apply for a connection, interested parties can view all essential information on the ‘consumer hub’ of MORE Power’s website – information that every current consumer and soon-to-be consumer should know. Information such as application requirements, rates, advisories, billing, and payment information are indicated on the website.

As a utility in Iloilo City, MORE is committed to the following:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable electric delivery service
  • Competitive power rates

Since its establishment in Iloilo City, the DU has been fervent in providing quality technical and customer service. It has also spawned customer welfare-driven initiatives such as the Konek, Kolek, Korek, and Update.

The consumer hub lists all application requirements for residential, commercial, power, and government applicants. The ‘residential’ category is subdivided into a big load and residential, informal settlers, and low load. The power company, in its bid to combat power pilferage, has adjusted application requirements so that all – including informal settlers and low-load residences – can apply for a connection.


  • Big load and residential
  • Informal settlers
  • Low load


  • Corporation
  • Non-corporation
  • Sole proprietorship


  • Temporary residential
  • Temporary commercial
  • Permanent industrial


  • City Offices
  • Streetlights
  • Other government

Application Process

The application process for residential: MORE has also made the application process easier for consumers with only five steps to complete. It has also included the application process in the forms uploaded on the consumer hub of its website.

The application process for residential

  • Step 01. Accomplish application requirements.
  • Step 02. Await load inspection.
  • Step 03. Prepare your service entrance.
  • Step 04. Pay the bill deposit and sign a service agreement.
  • Step 05. Meter installation

It is important to be present during steps 02 and 05 or have an authorized representative. Moreover, it is also important to have a private electrician for step 03 to prepare entrance wires and the main circuit breaker for meter installation.

Requirements for Residential (Big load and Residential)

  • Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Proof of Occupancy Documents

Requirements for Residential (Informal Settlers)

  • Electrical Safety Inspection Report
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency
  • Oath of Undertaking

Requirements for Residential (Low Load)

  • Electrical Safety Inspection Report
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency

Requirements for Commercial (Corporation)

  • Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Tax Identifications Documents
  • As-Built Electrical Plan
  • Proof of Occupancy Documents
  • SEC Certificate

Requirements for Commercial (Non-Corporation)

  • Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Tax Identifications Documents
  • As-Built Electrical Plan
  • Proof of Occupancy Documents
  • DTI Permit or SEC Certificate or CDA

Requirements for Commercial (Sole Proprietorship)

  • Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection
  • One(1) Government Issued ID
  • Tax Identifications Documents
  • As-Built Electrical Plan (signed and sealed by the PEE)
  • Proof of Occupancy Documents
  • DTI Permit

Average Rates

The DU, in its commitment to transparency, has bared the power rates for residential, intermediate, commercial, power, city streetlights, city offices, and other government offices.

MORE Power Consumers

View Bill Online

Consumers can view the summary of their bills and payment history with their account number via the MORE Power website. Moreover, consumers can also pay online for a seamless and contactless transaction.

“You can now view the summary of your bills and payment history using your Account Number. For convenience, you may also pay your bill online,” excerpt from a social media post of MORE Power Iloilo. “Please follow our step-by-step online payment guide to start paying your bill on your computer or phone. After payment, you can view your account ledger and monitor your payments and consumption,” excerpt from another post.

  • View application requirements and download application forms
  • Update customer information and receive online billing
  • Pay online via accredited third-party payment centers

In a more recent post, MORE stressed that consumers can receive their power bill via email. Consumers can just send their email address via Facebook Messenger or by filling up the customer data sheet available at the MORE Power customer service office, or via the MORE Power website.

For more information, watch the video below:

Payment Process

MORE Power, aside from its own, has broadened payment options to consumers. Consumers can pay via bank transfer with BDO, Landbank, Ok Bank, PNB, Queenbank, and Robinson Bank. Remittance centers such as LBC, Palawan Express, and RD Pawnshop also accept payments as well as major mall, SM City.

MORE Power Assures Accurate Meter Reading. To ensure an accurate meter reading for every consumer, MORE Power Iloilo invested in a state-of-the-art meter test bench. According to Engr. Emil Joseph Cahuya, Assistant Manager of the metering department of MORE Power, the company bought a meter test bench. This 5-position test bench has the capability of testing five power meters in 3 minutes, and a portable desktop meter test station can be brought to different sites during fieldwork.

“Siguro isa naton ka advantage is tungod calibrated siya sang ERC, accurate siya and imported siya. Bangud sini, confident kita nga accurate ang metro nga gina deploy sa field kag fair ini sa MORE Power kag sa customer,” says Engr. Cahuya.

Whenever MORE purchases a new set of electric meters, the company’s metering department could check individually each meter if it is defective, or is not calibrated correctly.

“Benefits nya is makatesting kita sa mga meter halin sa field or meter nga bag-o gani matest natun ang iya accuracy. Bal-an naton kung ang meter nga na is fit gamiton or indi. Advantage sini sa operation kay testing position, dasig-dasig lang siya. So, a matter of three minutes may test na kita kag result sa lima ka metro,” added by Engr. Cahuya.

Through this, the company could ensure that each meter reading is accurate. Likewise, each consumer is guaranteed the accuracy of the reading of their actual electricity usage which is the basis of the bill that they get to receive.

Engr. Bailey del Castillo, Senior Assistant Vice President for Network Operations confirmed that Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) already approved the meter laboratory of MORE Power and that the said new equipment was also certified accurate by the regulators.

“Now we are already a certified meter laboratory by the ERC. This means we are guaranteed that all of the equipment that we are using are in conformance with the standard set by the government. So this meter test bench and including the portable meters are certified by our regulators”, del Castillo said.

The meter laboratory is being operated by a licensed engineer and trained laboratory technicians.

“We have a licensed engineer and trained meter laboratory technicians. That is technically competent to do the testing. So that’s part of the requirements. Our engineers are well-trained before these instruments are deployed to their function”, Engr. del Castillo added.

“We are not just testing these meters; we are also doing rehabilitation now and replacement. So the volume of our meter installations right now is high. That’s why we need these types of very efficient test equipment so that we can catch up with the daily volume,” says Engr. del Castillo.

MORE Power has around 87,000 consumers and replaced more than 30,000 damaged and inaccurate electric meters when it took over as the distribution utility of Iloilo City last 2020. MORE Power aims to modernize its facilities in Iloilo City within five years to bring the most cost-efficient service to all its consumers.

“This is really in line with our goal, to continuously upgrade our system and improve our equipment like this meter test bench to further provide quality service to our consumers. We are committed to delivering better service to all our customers and that is why we are doing all we can to improve in all aspects,” Engr. del Castillo emphasized.

Bill Deposit Refund

Bill Deposit Refund Program by MORE Power, an initiative empowering eligible customers to reclaim their deposited funds. As an essential measure in ensuring seamless electric bill payments, the Bill Deposit has been a mandatory requirement for all distribution utility customers.

Qualified individuals can now seize the opportunity to claim their refund, while we encourage those who do not currently meet the eligibility criteria (less than 36 months) to maintain their commendable payment records and work towards unlocking this advantageous refund opportunity.

Lifeline Rate Discount

More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power Iloilo) introduces its ‘Lifeline Rate Discount’ and urges consumers to apply. This discounted rate is suitable for members of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) or classified by the Philippine Statistics Authority as such and consumers less than 95 kWh per month. However, this rate is not applicable to those with net-metering or caught pilfering.

Interested applicants are advised to visit the MORE Power Office at Hotel del Rio with the following requirements: MORE Power Bill and 4Ps ID (for 4Ps members), government-issued ID, MORE Power Bill, and Certification from the Local Social Welfare and Development Office (SWDO)

Discounts are as follows:

  • 0-20 kWh – 100%
  • 21-50 kWh – 50%
  • 51-60 kWh – 45%
  • 61-70 kWh – 35%
  • 71-80 kWh – 20%
  • 81-95 kWh – 10%

MORE Power takes pride in its commitment to providing excellent customer service through its customer-friendly application process and requirements, spot billing in all districts, 24/7 quick response team, 24/7 hotline assistance, dedicated key accounts management, and dispute resolution.

It also promises to provide top-notch and reliable electricity delivery with its five-year development plan. The company intends to invest a total of Php 1.57 billion within its first five years of operation and it will be invested in reliability improvement projects (Php 411.91 million), capacity/power quality projects (Php 673.4 million), systems loss reduction projects (Php 372.02 million), and safety improvement projects (Php 111.49 million). Consumers are encouraged to visit the MORE Power consumer hub via its website, https://morepower.com.ph/.

24/7 Hotline Numbers:

  • 330-MORE (6673)
  • +63.919.072.0626
  • +63.917.637.5214

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