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MORE Power Iloilo: Read and Bill Method to Roll Out in Iloilo City Soon

Read and Bill Method
Read and Bill Method to Roll Out in Iloilo City Soon: In order to improve service efficiency, MORE Power will be transitioning from the regular and traditional Statement of Account (SOA) to the “Read and Bill” method. This new methodology will have the customers’ monthly bills delivered to them immediately upon meter reading. Any concerns about their billing, particularly the period’s consumption, may be discussed with the meter reader or, if necessary, escalated to MORE Power’s hotline for immediate resolution (330-MORE).

An advantage of the “Read and Bill” method is that upon the reading of the consumer’s electrical consumption for the month, it will be reflected in the system within 10 to 20 minutes. Once the amount has been reflected, the customer can opt to pay the amount due immediately.

However, before they can fully implement this change in the whole franchise area of Iloilo City, MORE Power will be conducting a pilot run with select customers. For those that will be selected for the pilot run, MORE Power will be conducting a brief orientation for them. During the orientation, MORE Power will show these customers the
sample Spot Bill, explain its components and compare it with the current Statement of Account. Read more: MORE Power: Php 6.38 kWh for September

Para mapauswag ang maayo nila na pag serbisyo, ang MORE Power maga-saylo na ang regular kag traditional na Statement of Account (SOA) sa “Read and Bill” method. Tungod sining bag-o nga metodo, ang monthly bill sang mga customer kaya na nga madul-ong sa ila insigida pagkatapos sang meter reading. Kung may mga kabalaka sila sa ila nga billing, labi na gid ang konsumpsyon nila sa muna nga panag-on, pwede nila ma istorya kag pamangkot ini sa nagabasa sang meter ukon, kung kailangan, ipasaka sa hotline sang MORE Power para sa dasig nga pag-resolba.

Ang bentaha sang “Read and Bill” method kay pagka-reading sang konsumpyson sang kuryente sang kustomer sa muna nga bulan, maga-pakita ini sa system sang MORE sa sulod sang pulo asta bente ka minutos. Kung makita na kung pila ang due sa system sang MORE, pwede na ini mabayaran insigida sang customer kung gustohon niya. Pero antis mapatuman ining bag-o nga metodo sa bilog na franchise sang syudad sang Iloilo, ang MORE Power magadumala sang pilot-run sa pili nga mga kustomer.

Sa mga mapilian para sa pilot-run, ang MORE Power magadumala sang orientation sa ila. Sa orientation nga ini, ipakita sang MORE Power sa mga kustomer ang sample Spot Bill, ipaathag ang mga bahin sini, kag ikumpara ini sa karon na Statement of Account.

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