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MORE Power Iloilo Achieves 1,008,498 Safe Man-Hours

MORE Power Iloilo achieves 1,008,498 safe man-hours: MORE Power recently announced its milestone of achieving 1,008,498 safe man-hours. Being an electric distribution utility company, MORE Power recognizes the occupational risks that come with it, especially for its employees. Fortunately, the company has always made occupational safety and health a priority.

“Due to the occupational hazards that come with operating an electric distribution utility, we at MORE Power take Occupational Safety and Health very seriously. Our employees’ general well-being is our priority. As we celebrate this accomplishment, we are even more committed to safety and making our workplace safer for everyone,” MORE Power Iloilo in a social media post.

It may be recalled that last June, the distribution utility retrained linemen and engineers on efficient service and safety measures. The retraining includes orientation on safety, proper wearing of personal protective equipment or PPE, pole inspection, pole climbing, proper cable termination, protection of the area of troubleshooting, types of rope knots, loadbuster operation, grip-all clamp stick operation, and many more. Read: Safety and Service: MORE Power Retrains Linemen and Engineers

The DU also trained personnel, particularly substation tenders, last May. MORE Power Network Operations deputy head Engr. Bailey Del Castillo said that MORE Power President Roel Castro acknowledged the important role of substation tenders thus, he directed to conduct training for them. Del Castillo said the training aimed to equip their substations tenders, who are manning the facilities 24/7, with fresh and proper knowledge about their specific jobs. Read: MORE Power Substation Tenders Trained on Work Safety Practices

Apart from training own personnel, MORE Power also extended electrical safety training for construction firms, also in May. Mr. Priam Roy Rivera, MORE Power Safety Officer, said that the Electrical Safety Training recently was attended by representatives mostly safety officers and engineers of around 15 construction firms. Rivera said the participants were oriented about the hazards in the workplace and different safe work environments and practices. Read: MORE Power Iloilo Holds Electrical Safety Training for Construction Firms

MORE Power Iloilo safe man-hours: The modernization plans that MORE Power has for Iloilo can also carry some new occupational risks. But with the recent achievement for the company, its employees are assured that their well-being and safety are in good hands. As the company celebrates this milestone, MORE Power is even more committed to preventing any work-related incidents and creating a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.


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