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More Power: “Indi man namon gusto ang brownouts”

More Brownouts

More Power on brownouts: “Indi man namon gusto ang brownouts,” is the statement of More Electric and Power Corporation (More Power Iloilo) President and COO Roel Castro. According to the head, the company is also affected – as it continues its operations without revenue. Moreover, Castro reveals that, during brownouts, the company spends more on equipment and manpower to fix the issue.

“Ang MORE Power kag iban pa nga mga electric distribution utilities ang makasukot lang sa mga konsumidor kun may mag sulod nga kuryente sa ila kag ila gingamit nga ginbasa sang ila kuntador.  So kun wala kuryente,  wala man gatiyog ang kuntador kag wala man sukton ang MORE”, states More Power Iloilo President and COO Roel Castro.

More brownouts: One of the prime causes of brownouts is the substandard facilities used during the time of former distribution utility Panay Electric Company. According to Castro, more than 1,300 primary poles and 3,000 secondary wooden poles have become dilapidated – thus the need to be replaced by poles made of steel or cement.

According to Castro, it would take around three to five years to fully replace/rehabilitate what is needed, calling for more scheduled power interruptions in the future to safeguard linemen and the community. Read more: More Power Responds to Treñas’ Plea

“Kun indi naton ini pagbayluhan,  mas dako ang damage kag mas malawig ang power interruptions kag indi naton mabal-an kun san-o ina matabo.  Gani, importante nga maprevent naton ina paagi sa rehabilitations kag maintenance works,” adds Castro.

Castro also details the reasons behind unscheduled power interruptions.

  • Breakdown of equipment like transformer, pole, and the like.
  • Object or animal making contact to lines causing short circuits.
  • Vehicular accidents involving electric poles.
  • Power overload due to illegal connections.

Castro explains that, in times of power interruption, More Power Iloilo immediately responds and does the best that it can to restore power as soon as possible. He adds that clearing operations are being done to remove obstacles that may cause short circuits; and animal guards to protect lines.

“Ginahimo naton ini tanan nga sakripisyo agud nga mastabilize ang distribution system kag mapapanaog pa gid naton ang presyo sang elektrisidad para sa aton mga konsumidor”, says Castro.

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