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MORE Power Rids Iloilo Bike Lane Hazards

Iloilo Bike Lane

Iloilo Bike Lane: More Electric and Power Corporation is one with bikers as it clears bike lanes of potential hazards. More Power President and COO Roel Castro, a biker himself, personally supervised the clearing. Read: More Power President Castro Among ‘Line Warriors’ in Rehabilitation Efforts

“A biker himself, Castro is personally pissed of the presence of the utterly ridiculous utility poles smack-dab in the middle of the painted bike lane in some areas of the metro. Castro also ordered the clearing of vegetation on the overhead powerlines,” an excerpt from a social media post of More Power Iloilo regarding the Iloilo bike lane.

More Power also calls on the public to report any obstruction to power lines.

“So what do we do in case we’ve notice wet tree leaves or branches–we move the offending branches away from the power lines or simply cut them. That is the reason why we do a regular tree-trimming duty to make sure your neighborhood is safe from possible spark that may lead to a full-blown fire. We do appeal to everyone, therefore, that if you happen to know of a tree limb resting on a power line, call us to come clear it off. We strongly advise not to do it yourself to avoid possible electrocution,” an excerpt from another social media post of More Power.

The distribution utility also presented their contact details for the public for the above concerns:

  • Pldt: (033) 3272985 / (033) 3236619
  • Globe: 09176375214
  • Smart: 09190720626

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