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MORE Power to Use Thermal Scanners to Identify Faults in Lines and Transformers

MORE Electric and Power Corporation is set to innovate facilities and equipment as part of its modernization initiative. It may be recalled that a mobile substation has arrived and is said to have a 10MVA capacity and will take off load from other substations.

Another addition to its equipment are thermal scanners. MORE reveals that it will be using thermal scanners to identify faults in lines and transformers. It has recently purchased two infrared thermography for electrical distribution, otherwise known as thermal scanners. The said equipment can identify critical areas of a particular line, connector, transformer, and more. The vulnerable areas can then be repaired. Moreover, the identification of critical areas can then be scheduled for maintenance – preventing unannounced power interruption.

MORE will be conducting thermal scanning of all five substations, including power transformer bushings and main take off points of feeder lines.

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