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MORE Power Iloilo: Prevention is Necessary

MORE Power Iloilo

MORE Power Iloilo: In an update, More Electric and Power Corporation announced that all feeders are now online at the La Paz Substation, after a scheduled power interruption last Sunday from 6am to 8am. More Power Iloilo emphasized the importance of prevention by showing faulty lines that may possibly cause future outages.

“Did you know that this can cause “unscheduled” power interruptions if it was not changed immediately?” states More Power in a social media post, referring to a melted aluminum conductor steel reinforcer (ACSR), one of the wires of the 3 phase 13.8 kV primary line.

In More Power’s hot spot correction at the La Paz Substation, the following activities were made re-tightening of disconnect switch load side of 69 kV lines; re-tightening of 69 kV main circuit breaker; and re-tightening of disconnect switch Lapaz Feeder 13.2 kV lines.

More Power Iloilo is fervent in reminding the public of electrical safety by sharing tips on its social media page.

It may be recalled that, since More Power’s establishment in the metro, scheduled preventive maintenance are put in place to improve power distribution in the city. Read: More Power’s First Major Investment Comes to Life

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