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MORE: Preventive Maintenance Successful

MORE Power and Electric Company has recently finished its preventive maintenance of the Lapaz Substation today, June 14. It can be recalled that the distribution utility announced a scheduled brownout in areas serviced by the Lapaz Substation. The said brownout was said to last 13 hours.

According to MORE, operations began at 4:05am this morning and ended at 4:37pm. Corrective and preventive maintenance was done to the 50MVA Power Transformer and On Load Top Changer Tank.

“Nagpatigayon sang corrective kag preventive maintenance ang MORE Power sa 50MVA Power transformer kag On Load Top Changer Tank sa Lapaz Substation bangud nakita sa Dissolve Gas Analysis nga mataas na ang gasses sini,” begins MORE.

MORE adds that degassing and oil filtering procedures were done to the main tank of the power transformer; it also assessed the winding capabilities of the power transformer, tested the 69KV and 13.8KV currents and potential transformers, evaluated the functionality of the 7 overcurrent protection relays and circuit breakers, installed check meters to all feeders, and tested the Direct Current (DC) station batteries.

“Kaina, nagpatigayon sang degassing kag filtering sang oil sa main tank sang power transformer, gin-assessing ang winding sang power transformer, gintesting ang 69kv kag 13.8KV nga current kag potential transformers, gintest man ang functionality dang 7 overcurrent protection relays kag circuit breakers, ginpangbutangan sang check meters ang anum tanan ka mga feeders kag gin test ang Direct Current (DC) station batteries. Maluwas sini, nagpatigayon man sang pagbaylo sang mga gabok nga poste kag cross arms sa distribution kag feeder lines sa Lapaz,” states MORE.

Furthermore, MORE thanks the consumers for their patience as the routine assessments and evaluation are necessary to prevent future, unannounced power outages.

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