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MORE Thankful for Supreme Court Decision; Major Win for Iloilo City

Just recently, MORE Electric and Power Corporation held a thanksgiving mass in its General Luna office to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling – affirming the DU’s authority to distribute in Iloilo City. Voting 8-6, the Supreme Court confirmed the control of MORE as Iloilo City’s official distribution utility.

“This victory has definitely made every step of the year-long legal wrangle very much worth it despite PECO’s delaying tactics and fake news propaganda against us. The ruling, more than anything else, is a clear message by the High Tribunal that nothing is over and above the welfare of the general public. This is definitely a major win for all of us, most especially for Iloilo power consumers who spent years, decades even, putting up with all the unbridled violations and inequities of the former utility distributor,” states Roel Castro, in an article by Business Mirror. Read more: MORE Power says SC ruling is a ‘major win’ for Iloilo City.

“We applaud the Supreme Court for making this decision and by standing alongside the advocacy of the people to finally oust a monopoly that has trampled on the rights of the Ilonggos for so long,”he adds.

In a separate event, MORE held a ‘Padungog’, celebrating the regularization of 51 employees after six months of employment with MORE. The 51 employees are said to be previous employees of ex-DU Panay Electric Company. Below: MORE Power Iloilo employees become emotional after being surprised with a ‘padungog’, celebrating their regularization after six months of employment with MORE Power Iloilo. Event held at the Iloilo Convention Center.

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