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Must Have App That Can Save Lives

No, it isn’t a calorie counting app. Foremost, please allow me to elaborate on a more personal manner. In today’s time, a smartphone is an essential tool in everyday life – so far, it has replaced a number of items at home: clock, alarm clock, calendar, flashlight, books, notebooks, etc. It is also a thoughtful medium to connect with people from halfway across the globe to people just across the street. Smartphones uniquely allow you to access a pool of information on the internet with just a few click or tap. It helps you access your email, be reminded of schedules, and work remotely – giving you the opportunity to work while enjoying more in life.

When it comes to apps, developers have leveled up and provided a number of praiseworthy and crucially essential applications that are definitely ‘must-download’. I bet Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are the basic apps in everyone’s phone. I do have those too – I also have Mobile Legends, a Merriam-Webster dictionary, and Brightest Flashlight app for, you know, emergencies.

And, you would not fully appreciate the functionality of a smartphone not until you needed it badly – a battery saving app when you’re 5% and without a charger, a flashlight during power outages, mobile data when WiFi is out and you need to check for updates online and appreciate the beauty of a thoughtful S Health app saying you have just lost 400 calories from achieving 6,000 steps. This app, I believe, is painstakingly crucial.

Please allow me to introduce GooZam. GooZam, from their website, is “a slang way of saying ‘Good Sam’ which alludes to the deeds of the ‘Good Samaritan’. As the organization and service offering suggest all are believed to be Good Samaritans in ways understood to be one. GooZam is a supplemental first response mobile app and server infrastructure for GeoVolunteers”. (Source: GooZam) Here a video to better explain the features of GooZam


Having this app on your mobile phone can be of great help in times of emergency. GooZam is also supporting the upcoming Muscle Beach Philippines 2017 happening on June 3rd at Boracay. “Muscle Beach Philippines are events and attributions of bodybuilding, fitness, and healthy lifestyle as associated to the beautiful beaches of the Philippine archipelago. It is organized by Muscle Beach Events and Products Asia Inc. through the efforts of the GooZam Organization in collaboration with Fitness Hub and Gigen Eventi.” (Source: Muscle Beach Philippines)


Photo above: During the blogger conference held at Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center last May 26, 2017 for Muscle Beach Philippines on June 3, 2017 at Boracay.

About GooZam. GooZam is a geo-context first response app that hails GeoVolunteers to help. GooZam App is a first response mobile emergency and non-emergency service collaboration, hailing, messaging and resource app that allows response and interaction from GeoVolunteers (volunteers within a proximity radius). The app will call the emergency first response phone number configured for your area, SMS those in your “Emergency Contacts” list a preset emergency message with your location and hail a volunteer to come to your aid if there are any within the area. There are now additional messaging channels such as Facebook post and email sent to your insurance company that you can enable to function simultaneously with the base service.

The objective of the app is to get you rapid help in an emergency or semi-emergency situation through simultaneous means such as phone call, SMS, the internet, facebook, email and GeoVolunteers (volunteers nearby). In areas where there is no first response infrastructure like a centralized 911 or similar services, we are hoping that through your emergency contacts, volunteers and volunteer organizations, Facebook friends hailed and available in your area will make a difference in providing you help.

The app will work with basic mobile phone services. The app will function without internet data services, however, it will be limited to phone and SMS services only if those are the services that you currently have with your mobile phone service carrier. GPS is to be on for optimal results and for location services to aid in finding you. If you enable the Facebook feature to post in your “Settings”, you must log in to Facebook for the feature to function.

You must turn on GPS, fill your “Emergency Contacts” list and configure in the “Settings” menu the desired phone number(s) for your area for better results in response. There is a server portal component which your organization can use to further enhance your first response functions. (Source: GooZam Google Play).

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