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My iLaragway Photography Experience


One of the prime reasons I submitted myself to be a subject in a photography session is that when you’re almost about to hit 30 – in ‘n’ years from now – and you just can’t help but reflect on the things you would have wanted to do before people tell you you’re too old for it to do. Modelling is not my cup of tea although it’s one of my ambitions in life. So I submitted myself not because of ‘YOLO’, but for the very experience of it all.

My friend and former elementary classmate, John Philip Chavez, used to ask me to ‘model’ for a photo shoot. My initial reaction was like ‘Sheezus Frike, why’? I have to admit yours truly is not a pro at the beauty department and it took me long before I contacted my old friend and said, ‘hell, why not’. It was a mixture of feelings – a bit ashamed to somewhat admit you were eligible to ‘model’ – I’m sorry for the hyphens, it’s still a thing for me until now; a bit scared because I practically have zero idea how to strike a pose, anxiety because I might look like a total wannabe idiot in the post-processed results. The team that graced the event of an amateur me was iLaragway Photography, an Iloilo-based team of awesome photographers.


The venue took place in a beautiful area in Guimbal, Iloilo. I could elaborate more on what transpired during the shoot but it only reminds me of my awesome awkwardness – my blank stares and ‘what should I do’ moments that paints an uneasy smile with a stint of humor on my face. All I can say that iLaragway Photography – Mr. John Philip Chavez and Mr. Mark Christian Cadiente are surefire artists. I am in awe by how Sir Mark stops, stares – to the left, to the right – and stops again and you know you’re about to have the best breathtaking version of you – in pictures.


I totally recommend iLaragway Photography for your events – wedding, debut, reunion, birthday party, portrait, prom, so on and so forth. Here is the number to text and call: 09159985410; and the email that goes with it: chrisius032205@yahoo.com.

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