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Netizens in Awe of Plantita Jinkee Pacquiao

Plant enthusiasts, including netizens in general, were quick to react to Jinkee Pacquiao’s photo of her surrounded by plants – including, as what enthusiasts identify, a variegated alocasia elephant ear.

“When you woke up this morning, God gave you a gift called “today”. Always remember how precious this gift is because you can never get back the time that has gone by,” caption of Jinkee Pacquiao’s Facebook post.

Even ABS CBN News wrote an article about it.

“Nabili n’ya ang enchanted forest,” captions ABS CBN News. Jinkee Pacquiao is known for her designer items – luxury items that most could not afford. And it has been the subject of awe and fascination of netizens. Jinkee Pacquiao is married to world renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao.

“Hanggang sa halaman ba naman Jinky pinamukha mong poor kami? Inaano ka ba ng makahiya naming?”comments a netizen.

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