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Nile on Weekends: Three Pitfalls in Building a Company Brand

Nile on Weekends

Nile on Weekends: Three Pitfalls in Building a Company Brand. Iloilo’s marketing specialist Nile Kris Jan Banga explains how business owners can build brands that last. A business is as good as its brand and product. However, a wrong approach to branding can affect the target market, marketing strategies, business operation, and ultimately sales. Branding is a concept to identify the business. It guides the expectation and experiences your target market will have for your business.

Three pitfalls in building company brands

One is building a brand without longevity in mind. Building a brand means creating a long-term plan of how the business would serve the target market. Everything in the business should align within the parameter set by the brand.

“Branding as a concept covers and determines the direction for the rest of the aspects in marketing such as sales, advertising, public relations, and social media,”said Nile Kris Jan Banga, marketing specialist and founder of Nile on Weekends Brand Marketing Consultancy.

“Nile exceeds expectations! He adds value to the brand by researching interesting content. If you are building a brand, consider Nile.” says Mrs. Wharton of Group of Companies

The second mistake is building without identifying your target market.

“In a diverse market, it is essential to define your target market. Your branding efforts will be determined by their interest,” Nile explains.

Lastly, building a brand is not important and thus, one need not allot a budget for it.

“With marketing, building a brand is like constructing a bridge that will connect your business to your target market,” said Nile.

He relates this to building a bridge wherein one should shell out funds for materials like cement, sand, water, and equipment as well as hire experts.

“In the same manner, you will also need to work with photographers, ambassadors, social media managers, and other specialists. Remember, you cannot do everything. Learn to delegate the tasks so that you can focus on your business operation. Work with a team. Investing in your marketing efforts will go a long way for your business,” he further explains.

Brand that lasts.

Hoping to level up how local startup businesses handle their marketing, Nile on Weekends Brand Marketing Consultancy launched Identity Branding and Marketing Services. Nile on Weekends offers affordable and effective ways to help local businesses establish a stable and sustainable identity amid a very competitive market. It specializes in photography, brand consultations, strategy planning, content development, endorsements as well as blog and social media posting.

“We will take care of your marketing efforts so that you can focus on your business operation and customer satisfaction,” he added.

Since its founding in 2017, Nile on Weekends has collaborated with brands such as Nurse Jim’s Iloilo, Healthy Kitchen Cafe, Salads and Wraps Iloilo, Mamaca Frozen Yogurt, Layag Cafe, Lazy Susan; Mrs. Wharton Patries, London Bakes, and English Teas; Book Latte, Bo’s Coffee, Samgyup Sa Park, Al Dente Ristorante Italiano Catering Services and Wine Bar, Farm To Table Iloilo, Moon Leaf, Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Festive Walk Mall, Ritz Food Trading, SM City Iloilo, Festive Walk Iloilo, and Tiger Bao.

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