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No More Face Masks in Iloilo?

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, in an article by the Philippine News Agency, there are no more available face masks in the market. However, there is no issue in terms of alcohol supply.

“We have sufficient supply (of alcohol). Our problem is the face masks,” states Department of Trade and Industry Iloilo Provincial Director Felisa Judith L. Degala. The article also adds that the monitoring of masks and alcohol falls within the jurisdiction of the Department of Health, but the Department of Trade and Industry is assisting the agency. Degala also reveals that there are times that hospitals have supplies but prioritizes the supply to patients and watchers, as well as health workers.

“If they have more than enough supply, then they sell to the public. As of now, to be honest, we have no data if how many hospitals have supplies,” adds Degala. Since March 11, DTI Iloilo has mobilized Negosyo Centers (NCs) to focus their monitoring on necessities, especially face masks. However, according to the report of 26 NCs, there are no more face masks during the monitoring.

Necessities on Prize Freeze. Following the declaration of the state of public emergency, prime commodities and necessities are automatically on prize free. Prize free lasts for 60 days starting from the day of the declaration of the state of a public health emergency. Read more: alcohol supply sufficient but no more face masks in Iloilo. https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1096372

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