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Officials Say Php 10,727 Enough for a Family of Five

Just recently, CNN Philippines published an article narrating that a family of five can live on Php 10,000, as claimed by economic officials. According to Philippine Statistics Authority Assistant Secretary Rosalinda Bautista, Php 10,727 is the minimum amount for a family to have basic food and non-food items.

Moreover, officials even drew a sample menu to feed a family of five for Php 7,500. These are as follows:

  • For breakfast: Scrambled egg, steamed rice, coffee with milk
  • For lunch: Boiled monggo with malunggay and dried dilis, steamed rice, and a banana
  • For dinner: Fried tulingan, boiled kangkong, and steamed rice
  • For snacks: Pandesal

Furthermore, officials say that the remaining budget can go to non-food items such as clothing, fuel, light, water, rent, house repairs, medical care, education, transportation, and personal care. According to Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia, families that earn less than the minimum income of Php 10,727 are those living below poverty threshold.

Unfortunately, the claim drew flak from netizens as it deemed ‘impossible’ for a family of five to live on Php 10,000. Here are some comments by Netizens:

“Please do a reality show on the life of an economic official who can feed his family of five on a budget of Php 10k per month. I’d really love to see how it is done so everyone can be more objective about it,”states netizen Stephanie Borbe.

“Not sure how credible this ‘economic official’ that gathered this info. 10k? Really? The cheapest rent is currently at 3-4k, and this does not include the water and electricity bill (2k at most). 3 of the 5 members of the household are still students (tuition fee + baon + school supplies). 2 are working (pamasahe + lunch money). I can only imagine the person who’s doing the budgeting is already stressed out and thinking of a way to compensate the other household gastos,” states netizen Stiphen Oblina.

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