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Opinion: The Barretto Feud


Just recently, been seeing so much about the Barretto sisters in my feed. The last Barretto I have heard of was that of Julia Barretto and Bea Alonzo. I am not a chismosa but the Barretto quarrel seems to be viral that than of the dreaded ASF disease in Metro Manila, pun intended.

Just this afternoon, was having a bit of a tete a tete slash meeting with the boss when they began talking about the Barretto sisters. Honestly, there is no way I can contribute to their lengthy discussion of who is the true kerida slash malandi. Thus, after the meeting, I thought I needed to read about it.

Really? A national concern? I always keep in mind about the news I write about. Is it relevant? Is it news worthy? Honeslty, I think not. But eavesdropping seems to be embedded in our DNA, so here I am writing my two cents about it.

It all began with – dang, I have no idea. But it seems everyone is updated. Everyone seems to know the history of the quarrel. So, I won’t delve into that, which makes this article a total nonsense. All I know that the quarrel is entertaining the feeds of the masses. Gives us all something to talk about, but hopefully something to learn about. Take note, not even the President of the Philippines can resolve the issue.

I will not wish for reconciliation, but I do wish for peace – for the sisters. I also wish that Filipinos would turn to more pressing matters than the usual eavesdropping, but hey, entertainment is entertainment. Last but not least, just want to share this funny – but educational – comic about the current feud, courtesy of the Department of Transportation:

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