Our Spa Experience at Sea Spa – Spa by the Sea

Spa by the Sea

Spa by the Sea: Recently wrote an article entitled Sea Spa: First Beach Spa in Iloilo to Open Soon. To date, yes, they are now open. The eco-sustainable concept of Adhara Boutique Resort paired with Spa Riviera’s extensive experience in spa care bore Sea Spa, Iloilo’s first all natural and organic spa by the sea. We had the chance to try Sea Spa – me and Lala of A Not So Secret Life – and we were both blown away by the experience.

Going back to basic and returning to the most powerful antioxidant: the SEA. Revel in a collection of spa treatments in a soothing and ambient location – the beach. Adhara Boutique Resort will launch Sea Spa and is set to be the first beach spa in Iloilo promoting all natural and organic treatments by the sea. The eco-sustainable concept of Adhara and 17 years experience of Spa Riviera in the spa industry is a perfect match to offer a holistic approach to a relaxing spa experience.

First off, transportation. Lala and I met at Monkey Grounds along Diversion Road Iloilo. Adhara Boutique Resort is located along J.C. Zulueta Street in Poblacion South Oton. From the city to Oton, we took a jeepney ride – about 30 to 40 minutes to get to Adhara. At the receiving area, we were warmly welcomed by friends from Sea Spa.

Lemongrass welcome drink upon arrival, aromatherapy mood enhancers, and foot soak.

Spa treatment in the Beach Pavilion or Cabana for couples. 

*** Sea Spa Menu ***

Peace and Plenty Body Massage, duration: 60 minutes | Watermelon Facial, Food for the Face, duration: 45 minutes – this treatment uses the freshest fruit of the season paired with essential oils to restore moisture to the skin | Coco Loco Hair Bath, duration: 45 minutes – hair bath of Coconut Oil blended with Argan Oil to encourage hair strength and shine | Forever Young Bodywrap, duration: 45 minutes | Sea Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub, duration: 60 minutes | Rest Now Foot Massage, duration: 60 minutes – a combination of Reflexology and Swedish Foot Massage

Costs: To date, three (3) treatment procedures amount to Php 1,500.

Me time at Adhara Boutique Resort. Yours truly.

For more information about Sea Spa, contact Adhara Boutique Resort at 0917 530 7104 or visit; or contact Spa Riviera at (033) 509 0209. Sea Spa is located at J.C. Zulueta Street in Poblacion South Oton

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