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Oversized Billboards No Longer Allowed in Calle Real


Businesses with oversized billboards installed on heritage buildings in Calle Real are given only until November 30 to remove their materials. According to Engr Noel Hechanova, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office Head as well as a member of the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, they already sent a letter to the concerned businesses.

Oversized billboards are considered an obstruction according to the implemented regulations of the Downtown Central Business District Heritage Zone Ordinance.

“They have to remove it by November 30, amo na amon deadline kay Calle Real should be a no billboard area. As stipulated in our guidelines, aerial obstruction or any form of obstruction nga maguba ang architectural design sang heritage area is not allowed,” states Engr Noel Hechanova of the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, in an article by the Daily Guardian.

Central Business Heritage Zone areas include the following: JM Basa, Iznart, Aldeguer, Arsenal, Guanco, Plaza Libertad, Rizal, Arroyo, and Mapa.

The Section 17 of the Central Business Heritage Zone describes the design parameters and guidelines. Moreover, no sign should conceal any architectural feature. Read more: Huge billboards banned from Calle Real 

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