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Start of Something New: Owndays Opens in Iloilo

Owndays Iloilo

Owndays Opens in Iloilo. On April 22, 2022, Owndays opened its first store in Iloilo City with its store opening and VIP party, Eyes On You. Guests, social media influencers, and guests convened on the Upper Ground Floor, Northpoint, SM City Iloilo during the most-awaited OWNDAYS store opening. The company has set its sights on growing its reach and expanding its business in Iloilo City. With the theme “Eyes On You”, the store opening marked the beginning of another milestone for the company and an opportunity for Ilonggos to better their visions and upgrade their styles with quality specs made especially for them.

This event has ushered a new perspective to Ilonggos and introduced them to infinite ways to become more confident in how they see the world and how the world sees them.

Anchored on its theme “Eyes On You”, Owndays store opening event inspired its attendees to own their glasses, own their style, and own the day. With each new store opening, Owndays looks to continue to serve its existing customers as well as introduce new audiences to its quality products and the friendly service that the brand is known for.

Owndays first opened its shop in 2002 in Tokyo. Now, it is already a global brand having more than 400 shops in 13 countries and selling more than 2,500,000 pairs of eyeglasses annually. In fact, when it came to the Philippines in 2015, it was the first to introduce an open concept optical shop where customers can choose and try on any pair of eyeglasses as much as they want.

Owndays manufactures a wide variety of high-quality frames in more than 1,500 styles suited for any lifestyle – basic and functional to stylish and fashionable – all at one price. All the eyeglasses displayed in their shops are original brands that have been planned, designed, and manufactured. They have the ultimate goal of helping people have a fresh start every day through their eyeglasses.

Although Owndays has hundreds of styles for customers to choose from, customers can expect their shopping experience to be simple, quick, and valuable. Owndays makes the price system simple and easy to understand, even for the most sophisticated of styles. It’s so simple that the set prices include everything customers need. Their prices range from PHP 2,990 to PHP 6,990 and there’s no additional fee for the aspheric/ultra-thin lens regardless of the high grade.

Apart from your style and vision, Owndays also sees the value of your time. Because of their practical knowledge, reliable skills, and latest technology in retail optical lens edging, customers can expect to have their pair ready as early as 20 minutes upon payment – except for special order lenses that need more time to be perfect.

And above all, Owndays prides itself in providing high-quality eyeglasses at surprisingly low prices. Owndays manages not just your style and vision but also everything a retail optical business needs – from design, production, logistics to sales. This allows them to reduce their costs while still supplying high-quality eyeglasses. For more updates, visit their website (www.owndays.com/ph), Facebook or Instagram.

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