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“Pamahaw sa Hapon” Held at Boracay Island

In light of the recent COVID pandemic, residents have come together to hold a ‘Pamagaw sa Hapon Para sa mga Kabataan’. Two families, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Justo and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maisa together with RM Quinia Lobaton of the 52nd Air Force Group Reserve Boracay Squadron and the Tactical Operations Group, Philippines Airforce have come together to help residents of Zone 1, Bantud Hills, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island recover from the effects of the global health emergency, as well as the months-long lockdown.

Here, RM Quinia Lobaton of the 52nd Air Force Group Reserve Boracay Squadron shares a narrative about the activity. Lobaton is also known as ‘Coach RM’ and has participated in many advocacies and activities in Boracay Island.

“At this time of COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot depend our lives on the authority because they have their own problems, we can only depend on ourselves. Most of us were being left behind by not receiving any support from authority but most of us have tried our best to look for a living even if we just earn a little. At this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, most of us save ourselves first. But for these two families, that I have personally met, they earn a little from their small changgie and fishing. They still help their small community in a little way.

Children and parents are happy every Sunday because there’s a “Pamahaw sa Hapon”, These two families have been preparing healthy food for their small community. There, I come into the picture, I have asked them how frequent you’re gonna do this and how committed you are in doing it? At this time of Pandemic, it is really difficult for us to survive but there they are still sharing a little they have.

They have submitted to me their commitment so, I decided to adopt the program and linked it to 52nd Air Force Group Reserve – Boracay Squadron and TOG 6, Philippine Air Force for the securement of safety protocols, like, social distancing, wearing of facemask and assisting the orderliness of the area even the distribution of food. And not just securing the area and implementing the safety protocols but adopting 1 (one) Sunday as a sponsor for the feeding activity.

There are also groups and individuals who’re sharing money and goods for the kids. We just spend 1500 to 2000 pesos for the activity. But mostly, if there are no sponsors the two families; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Justo and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maisa and also Ma’am Ivy Dela Cruz is providing the feeding needs, just to have this “Pamahaw sa Hapon” will possibly happen. Kids are falling in line with the face mask and observing social distancing because the feeding activity has the rule that “No Face Mask, No Food”. This is to implement discipline while they are still kids. All the kids will bring their own “Yahong” mangkok while on the line and after the kids, some of the parents also joined the “Pamahaw”. Seeing the smile in their eyes is the one I considered, the efforts and money spent on them are already paid! I am not counting what I share but honestly, I am counting how many smiles I can see every Sunday. And this one will heal my inner desire to make people happy while experiencing the pandemic. We will continue doing it as long as we can sustain the financial status of the activity. I believed that there is a good heart with the people around us. God may not allow this to stop, so, I believed blessing is on the way. And so, in order for us to formally have a focal group for the activity, we have decided to formally form a group so that we can assign or delegate formally the responsibilities so that it will not be a burden or heavy to a mother to manage the Sunday’s Pamahaw sa Hapon.

So here we go, we have formally named our group, the “NOT ONE LESS MOVEMENT” meaning it is “an organic group dedicated to being inclusive by ensuring the youth, children especially are given proper care and attention, particularly on nutrition, for them to cope with the pandemic challenges that prohibit them to have access to nutritious food and also activities that ensure their health and well being.”

This “Pamahaw sa Hapon” is happening every Sunday, 3 pm at Zone 1, Bantud Hills, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island. I am gonna leave this message for all of the readers, “If those poor families can share the little they have for the Children, how about you? Can you share something for your small community?” I am gonna leave your answer within yourself. Another question is, What is your “little act of kindness” during the pandemic?

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