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PechaKucha Kwatro a Success

PechaKucha Kwatro

PechaKucha Kwatro, entitled ‘Isyusera Kag Isyusero: The Rumors Are True’, was a success following its three volumes held in the City of Love. The event was graced by speakers from different sectors in the community: Rowell Salulog with his talk about the country’s educational system, Riza Ornos on environmental issues, Irish Granada Inoceto on human rights, Jc Bangoy on HIV awareness, Josie Escanlar on BPO, and Justin Bionat on gender rights. The event was well attended by Ilonggos interested in hearing what guest speakers have to say on the pressing issues of today’s society.

PechaKucha, a Japanese word for ‘chitchat’, is a presentation style wherein speakers are given the opportunity to present their talk with 20 slides and 20 seconds for each slide. The presentation manner was popularized by the tandem Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo’s Klein-Dytham Architecture. Each speaker is given exactly six minutes and forty seconds to present.

Aside from the talks, the audience was wooed by intermission numbers ranging from spoken word poetry by Hermz Gacho to musical performances from Isaac Bravo and Jacob Bravo. Attendees were also treated to a variety of prizes in raffle draws between talks. Sponsors were also given the chance to display their products in a mini-market at the venue. Attendees were not only informed, empowered, entertained but also pampered with the many perks from sponsors. To sum it up, everyone enjoyed the night.

As part of the PechaKucha Night Iloilo tradition, a photo was taken at exactly 20:20 – 8:20pm – symbolizing the 20X20 presentation manner of PechaKucha wherein speakers are given 20 slides to present for 20 seconds each.

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