Peddlr App to Revolutionize Philippine MSME

Peddlr app is set to revolutionize micro, small, and medium enterprises in the country with its unique features and services. Dubbed as the ‘smartest selling tool ever’, the app accelerates ease of doing business online. It is created by a tech company based in the country and is set to jumpstart MSME to the digital world.

Armed with a mission of digital inclusion of micro and small businesses all throughout the country, the Peddlr team has automated the pen and paper bookkeeping, which small business owners had been used to record sales. Peddlr is best for sari stores, food stalls, home-based online and offline sellers, market vendors, and other small and micro-businesses.

The POS app of Peddlr is Free to download and free to use.

Peddlr App Features

  • Digital POS
  • Smart inventory management
  • Free online store and website
  • Messenger mini-app.
  • Delivery + take out + online payment.
  • Zero hefty commissions.

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Here we list FAQ about the app sourced from the Peddlr website:

What is Peddlr? Peddlr is a smart Point of Sale (POS) mobile application that generates sharable links. It helps you easily perform online transactions such as collecting orders via online store link, bill customers thru the payment request link and secure your digital transactions.

On top of this, Peddlr acts as a basic accounting ledger for your business. It records the sales from your POS, allows you to enter business-related expenses, and it summarizes all the ledger transactions to give you a basic profit and loss view to gauge business performance.

Mobile POS. This is the base product of the Peddlr. It is an easy 2-click self-service setup Point of Sale application. You will just need a phone and products. Upload product images and prices to the app and your POS will be automatically generated. This works both online and offline.

Shareable links. These are the byproducts of the smart POS. Once you are done uploading your products and setting up payment options, Peddlr automatically generates 3 types of business links that you can use and share to your direct customers. (1) Online store link, (2) Payment link.

Online store link. Peddlr syncs the smart POS to a digital web-based product catalog that can be shared with customers. You will have an automatic online, eCommerce enables store that serves 2 functions- (1) showcase your product list and prices and (2) gives your customer a frictionless, web-based, product checkout experience. The customer will not need to download any app nor be required to create an account. It will be a quick checkout ordering process and you will instantly receive customer orders via the Peddlr app. This requires mobile data or internet connectivity.

Payment link. A non-custodial payment aggregator for micro and small businesses. Peddlr aggregates all your current payment options into a sharable link so that your customers will be able to see all your preferred payment options. Once an option is selected by the customer, the web-based link shows your payment information so that the customer can pay it directly to your account. Peddlr organizes all online payments with supporting documents and timestamps regardless of the selected payment option. We will not hold your cash and the payment goes directly to your account in real-time. You will need to register with other e-wallets or payment providers to accept online payment. This requires mobile data or internet connectivity.

Start your MSME journey with Peddlr here


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