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PH Salary Lowest in 110 Countries

In a survey led by Picodi, its analysis team looked into the average wages and identified which countries people earn the most – including countries wherein people don’t earn much. The Picodi team processed data from Numbeo, a website that also surveys citizens from various countries regarding wages and cost of living.

Picodi revealed that the average wage in Switzerland (when converted to Philippine Peso) amounts to Php 296,200 and currently ranks the highest. It is followed by Luxembourg and the United States with Php 198,500 and Php 174,800 respectively.

Unfortunately, for Philippines, the average wage is Php 15,200 and ranks 95th out of 110 countries. Countries with the lowest wages include Cambodia (Php 10,500), Pakistan (Php 10,300), Nepal (Php 9,500), Nigeria (Php 9,100), Uganda (Php 8,500), and Cuba (Php 1,800). Read more: Average wages: in which countries people earn the most? An article by Picodi.

The average wages after taxes come from the website Numbeo.Com. Moreover, local currencies were converted based on the average Google Finance rate for August 2020.

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