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PhilHealth Exec Gets Lap Dance Inside Office During Birthday Bash

Photo credit: Inquirer.Net

In an article by the Inquirer, Senate Richard Gordon presented the Senate blue ribbon committee a report that contains findings related to the corruption allegations within Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

In a screengrab presented by Senator Gordon, it reveals a scantily clad woman dancing in front of a PhilHealth official. The report reads: “a video footage that was recovered showing RVP Perez receiving a gift, in an enormous box    , in his office and during office hours, which turned out to be girl in her underwear who danced and gyrated provocatively in front of Perez and all the staff of the regional office with many shouting, as one could expect from a show in a nightclub.”

“Perez enjoyed the performance and was seen smiling in the video. He did not prevent the incident, or report and issue any reprimand to the employees who brought the girl,” states Gordon, in an article by the Inquirer. Read more: Senate panel report: PhilHealth exec ‘getting lap dance’ during birthday bash, an article by the Inquirer.

Moreover, Perez denied the claims, stating that his staff prepared a program – a talent to sing and was not naked. However, the crowd was noisy and the talent was not able to sing. He added that he knew nothing about the surprise. Moreover, he stopped the program and told his staff to just eat.

Gordon is set to recommend the filing of charges against Perez – for violating the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 and the Norms of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees.


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