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PHIVOLCS: Taal Recharging for Another Eruption

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, the Taal Volcano’s form has shifted, indicating a ‘resupply’ of magma. PHIVOLCS still puts the volcano under Alert Level 4, indicating that an eruption is imminent within days.

“There is resupply of magma from below based on earthquakes and ground deformation. The island has slightly tilted while being pushed. Some portions in the northeastern side are sinking. Maybe the houses there are already under water,” states Renato Solidum, Science Undersecretary and PHIVOLCS Officer-in-Charge, in an article by Philippine Star.

Solidum also adds that, prior to the January 12 eruption, the public has already been informed that the area is a permanent danger zone and permanent settlement is prohibited on the island. Solidum again pleads for the public to stay away from the 14-kilometer danger zone. He also adds that more than 600 volcanic tremors have been recorded since Sunday, signifying a rise of magma.

Moreover, the most recent Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology bulletin states: “Alert Level 4 still remains in effect over Taal Volcano. This means that hazardous explosive eruption is possible within hours to days. DOST-PHIVOLCS strongly reiterates total evacuation of Taal Volcano Island and high-risk areas as identified in the hazard maps within the 14-km radius from Taal Main Crater and along the Pansipit River Valley where fissuring has been observed.”

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