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Php 500 Fine for Those Not Practicing Physical Distancing

Just recently, the Iloilo City Government released Regulation Ordinance No. 2020 – An Ordinance implementing physical distancing as a response measure to prevent the spread and/or local transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease (COVID-19) in Iloilo City.

The Ordinance is sponsored by Hon. Jose Efraim Treñas III and co-sponsored unanimously by all Members present. The Ordinance calls for the mandatory observance of physical distancing – all persons while in public places (mandatory one-meter distance) and all establishments defined as a public space need to follow the Ordinance.
The mandatory observance will be enforced by the PSTMO for public places.

Moreover, penalties will also be imposed on the strict compliance of physical distancing. A fine of five thousand (Php 5,000) for establishments violating physical distancing measures. It also includes the revocation of business permit and closure of the establishment.

For offenders, a fine of five hundred (Php 500) shall be imposed for each and every violation.

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