Polaris Billiards and Booze

Polaris Iloilo

Polaris Iloilo: Situated in a quiet corner of Mapa Street in downtown Iloilo, Polaris Billiards and Booze has been in the business for more than a decade. It is the destination of choice for Ilonggos seeking solace, a felt-tipped stick cue, and a billiard table – housed in a 90s inspired bar and billiard haven. What honestly captivated me the most is the 90s ambient feel that Polaris provides – wood, wooden interiors, cushioned high chairs, dimmed lights – the 80s /90s feel kept recurring as it reminds me of old films back in the days. I could just imagine suit-clad men with fedora hats, quietly drinking in a sepia-toned environment, smoke from their pipes dancing in the limelight. In short, Polaris – to me – is a classic.

What added to the feel is the location of the resto/billiard/booze place. It is along Mapa Street in downtown Iloilo – and one could not easily guess that there is an old classic gem hidden somewhere in the city. Polaris, according to the owner, is inspired by the term ‘Polaris’, or North Star – the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor.

When it comes to food, Polaris has its own unique story. Polaris serves all-natural – herbs and spices, homemade special sauce, and pure meat. Rooting from the need to prepare hypoallergenic food for the family, the owner has learned to remove preservatives, MSG, and the like from her recipes.

Polaris Iloilo

Polaris Iloilo

Menu: Kiss Hot Burger (Php 58) | Spicy Chix (Php 130) | Sizzling Hotdog (Php 108) | Wedges with Aoli Sauce (Php 68) | Special Sotanghon topped with Veggies (Php 85) | Onion Rings with Aoli Sauce (Php 78) | Long Life Bihon (Php 78) | Long Life Sotanghon (Php 88) | Pancit Canton (Php 75) | Polaris Sisig (Php 108) |

The owner is also supporting a thrust by the Good Samaritan Volunteer Service, Inc., a group of concerned individuals providing aid to the Pediatric Ward of West Visayas Medical Center in Mandurriao. For every purchase of the Polaris Burger (Php 58), proceeds go to the children supported by the organization.

“When you buy this product, you help children supported by the Good Samaritan Volunteer Service, Inc.” – Good Samaritan Volunteer Service is an non profit organization based in Iloilo City committed to support hospitalized children through voluntary service.

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