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Pride Day Eyed in Iloilo

Fifth district board member Carol Espinosa-Diaz proposed an ordinance to set aside a special day for the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ is an abbreviation that relates to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. The board member proposed to make the first day of June a special day for the community, citing that the LGBTQ community are active partners for community development.

“Despite the explicit provisions of the 1987 Constitution and many laws and ordinances, which aim to provide equal protection to all individuals without distinction, cases of discrimination and violence particularly members of LGBT still persist,” says Carol Espinosa-Diaz, author of the resolution. Read more: Iloilo politikos support LGBT rights.

Espinosa also cited that the United Nations through the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to appoint an expert to investigate the causes of discrimination and even violence based on gender identity.

“Over the years, we cannot deny the clamor of our LGBTQ+ members for equality. We want to show to them that they are given importance because also of the clamor for the pending SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression) bill in the Congress,” states Diaz in an interview. Read more: LGBTQ ‘pride day’ in Iloilo pushed.

Diaz shared that she had sponsored an LGBT Pride Day in her years as councilor in the municipality in Ajuy.

“The women have Women’s Month, and we also have a different celebration for senior citizens. So why not every sector in our society should be given an opportunity to celebrate in a day dedicated for them?” Diaz adds.

Diaz reiterates that the proposed ordinance rallies for the protection and equality of all. She also adds that the Pride Day is important in promulgating dignity and equal rights. It is also important for the LGBTQ community to be visible in the community, and to celebrate gender diversity.

In line with this, a committee will be formed composed of different representatives from LGBTQ organizations in various barangays to carry out activity in the grassroots. The activity will be included in the Iloilo Province’s Gender and Development fund and will be funded annually.

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