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Prometheus Launches Headquarters, Software Company, and Wedding Studio

Prometheus Headquarters

Prometheus Launches Headquarters, Software Company, and Wedding Studio: Three years ago, Prometheus started as an idea first conceived by three people. Now, with its team of 30-strong writers, artists, animators, strategists, cinematographers, data analysts, and innovators – a team of storytellers, the fleet is confident in telling its clients’ stories in the best and most creative ways possible.

Being the first and only full-service public relations and marketing agency based in Western Visayas, the company looks to serve more clients and bring more brands further in the coming years as it continues to revolutionize the marketing industry.

For Prometheus, the possibilities are endless, owing to its belief in being limitless. As a testament to this, the company recently launched 2 new subsidiaries to expand its services: a wedding studio and one for software solutions – adding new ways of telling their clients’ stories.

In its Open House Showcase, Prometheus introduced its headquarters, the Nexus to guests, influencers, bloggers, and the media. The different starships opened their doors, allowing visitors to see and experience how it feels to belong in a team that constantly innovates and challenges the ordinary. A variety of booths were on display, including the “personality test” booth where visitors could find out which starship they belonged to according to their characteristics. A tale prologue was given so that the reader may contribute their own creativity and continue the story. Further, guests could create their own flight crew members through the digital illustration booth. Finally, guests were taken to space in a one-of-a-kind photo booth experience in the newly minted Prometheus studio. In less than a day, storytelling was once again reimagined.

Indeed, as the company launches its headquarters and subsidiaries, Prometheus is poised to continue charting the path for the industry. Prometheus, with its limitless pursuit of creativity and excellence, is set to break new
grounds and continue raising the bar for the marketing industry.

Visit their website or their Facebook page to know more.

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