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Provincial Employees to Receive Christmas Bonus

Individuals employed by the Iloilo Provincial Government is set to receive Christmas bonus as well as incentives, as confirmed by the Iloilo Provincial Government Employees (AIPGE). According to AIPGE President Joecil Mayor, the Iloilo Provincial Government is qualified to receive the Performance-Based Bonus – with which is based on the 2017 rating.

Moreover, employees are also entitled to Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) equating to Php 10,00 and the Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) of Php 5,000.

“This is an incentive for our employees. There are a lot of awards that the province received this year and one of the factors is because (of) our diligent employees,”states Joecil Mayor, President, Iloilo Provincial Government Employees (AIPGE), in an article by the Philippine News Agency.

Mayor also adds that employees under offices that belong to the top four performing offices of the Iloilo Provincial Government will receive 65% of their salaries as bonuses, and employees under offices that rank fifth to 14 will receive 57.7% of their salaries. Meanwhile, employees belonging under offices 15 to 40 will receive 50% of their salaries.

“We can consider our Christmas merry this year because the previous years, we have not received this huge bonus from the Iloilo provincial government. This will bring joy to the employees and their families,” adds Mayor.

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