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PSTMO and PNP to Apprehend Curfew Violators

In a recent post by the Iloilo City Government, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas announced that the Iloilo City Public Safety and Transportation Management Office and the Philippine National Police will be patrolling and apprehending curfew violators starting today, August 04. Moreover, community service will be meted to violators, such as street sweeping or participation in beautification activities.

This is after the city government imposed safety guidelines that will be in effect from August 04 to 18, via Executive Order 113. EO 113 enumerates the following safety guidelines:

Curfew. All persons, establishments whether public or private, shall observe the curfew in effect within Iloilo City from 10:00pm to 4:00am. However, it will not be applicable to those with work arrangements in BPO, KPO, warehouses, logistics, ports, arrastre, food manufacturing, storage, preservation, hospitals, media, and other similar businesses or occupations which require employees to go to work after curfew hours.

Restrictions to movement. All employees aged 55 years and older shall be allowed to avail of work from home arrangements unless their presence in the workplace is vital, necessary, and indispensable. Moreover, individuals aged 70 years old and above and those below 21 years old shall not be allowed to leave their houses, except to buy or secure essential goods or to seek medical attention.

*Establishments providing essential goods shall be allowed to accept persons above 70 years of age during the first hour of operations. Succeeding operating hours shall be dedicated to other patrons.

Ban on sale and consumption of liquor. Sale and public consumption of liquor shall be prohibited. Liquor and alcoholic beverages refer to any drink containing a specific percentage of alcohol by volume or weight.

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