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Public Officials Urged to Commute


Iligan City Representative Frederick Siao urges high ranking public officials to commute atleast once a week to reduce volume of private vehicles in traffic ridden areas. Moreover, the Iligan representative cites to file a bill mandating elected officials, cabinet members, and division chiefs to use tricycles, jeepneys, buses, and trains every Monday.

The movement will also remind officials the pangs the public has to go through. According to Ciao, officials will be “reminded weekly of the suffering the masses endure on a consistent basis”, in an article by ABS CBN.

Salvador Panelo, presidential spokesman and chief legal counsel, took the challenge and commuted for four hours to the presidential palace. Panelo did so in a dare from left wing groups. After the commute, Panelo insisted that there is no transport crisis, just traffic crisis.

“Mayroong traffic crisis pero hindi transportation crisis kasi when you say transportation crisis wala ka ng sinasakyan, paralyzed ang buong traffic,” Panelo states. “Kaya ko lang tinanggap yung hamon kasi nga parang pinapalabas nila na kaming mga nasa puwesto ngayon hindi naming kaya gawin yun. Pinasinungalingan ko lang sila,” he adds.

So far, traffic has cost Php 3.5 billion loses to the Philippine economy on a daily basis, in a study spearheaded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

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