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‘PUGI’ to Clear Spaghetti Wires in Iloilo

Spaghetti Wires in Iloilo

Spaghetti Wires in Iloilo: The Public Utilities Group of Iloilo, ‘PUGI’, aspires to clear eyesores (loose cable wires, tangled telecommunication lines, disorganized electric meter placements, etc) in the metro. Here, residents laud their efforts.

“Daw tawhay na gani subong kag wala ka na kulba kay halos may mga kuntador na tanan kag plastado na gid halos mga poste,” states Ritchel Javelona, a resident of Brgy. San Pedro, Molo.

“Siyempre as barangay captain sa akon nga barangay, ginakalipay ko kag ang pagbati ko sa MORE nga company, amu ni nga barangay nga una gid ginbuligan abi sa pagtakud sang mga poste kag daku man ini nga bulig sa aton nga Bureau of Fire kay sang last time nga nasunugan kami diri sa likod, mostly nga concern gid sang aton nga Bureau of Fire Protection is ang aton nga spaghetti wires kag manubo ina, kag happy gid ako nga ang aksyon subong sang MORE madasig kag nabuligan gid nila nga ma cluster sang maayu ang pagput-up sang poste nila. Kag advantage na kay mataas kag malikaw kita sa mga sunog nga ginatawag,” says Brgy. San Pedro, Molo Punong Barangay Karl John Lapascua.

Records show that 60% of electric consumers in Brgy. San Pedro Molo are engaged in electric pilferage based on the data given by the said barangay and from the records culled by MORE Power.

“It’s good that these usual eyesores in the neighborhoods and along our streets are now being taken care of. Kasi yong mga overhead wires na mga yan nakakatakot talaga especially kung malakas ang hangin or during storms or typhoons. Very dangerous. And on normal days, visual pollution talaga!,” commented Romy from Lapaz.

“San Pedro records a high percentage of pilferage so what we are doing now is to bring the pilferage to its lowest end. We cannot do that alone though. I have already spoken to the mayor and to the barangay captains because we need their support and participation for us successfully reverse this. We know for fact that after we cut them (pilferers) off, they will just reconnect after we left and we cannot be deploying people 24/7 just to watch out on people who’s doing this. If that is the case, I would rather put up a security agency. But nevertheless, the approach that we are doing now is through the barangays, and Brgy. San Pedro, being the one with the highest number of pilferers, I guess it’s a good thing that we start from here,” said Roel Castro, MORE Power President and Chief Operating Officer.

Engr. Randy Pastolero, Executive Assistant for Power to Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas reveals that was not easy.

“It was actually a tough ride but thank God it worked. Now we have a model barangay in the city which we can really call a pilot area that should be duplicated by the other barangays. This program, actually, was proposed by MORE Power. They informed Mayor Jerry Treñas of what they intend to do and the mayor liked their proposal,” he said, noting “But why San Pedro, Molo? One could notice that we have quite a number of fire incidents in that barangay primarily because of illegal connections. So it’s really high time that we engage the support of the community including the barangay with the help of our power distributor. And of course with the support of PUGI,” he says.

The creation of PUGI is described as “a first” in Iloilo City where utilities meet and discuss how to rid streets and sightline of Iloilo City of tangled electric wires, cable, and communication lines that make up what is referred to as spaghetti wires in Iloilo.

“This collaboration is actually the brainchild of Mr. Roel Castro of MORE. And it was indeed a very good idea which eventually galvanized the support and the cooperation of all those in public utilities based in our city. Having these major players such as cable TV and telecom companies such as SkyCable, Smart-PLDT, Globe Telecom, Panay Broadband, Eastern Telecom, Dito Telecom, and MORE Power united in the campaign to rid our streets and communities with these perennial eyesores is really a big help to the city government and we are really grateful,”adds Pastolero.

PUGI’s operation covers the streets of Iloilo City and is conducted every Tuesday and Saturday.

“And the existence of PUGI is very timely because it is the thrust of Mayor Jerry Treñas to really get rid of the unsightly poles and wires for Iloilo City to set a standard and be a cut above the rest or at par with other cities in the region and the country. Kay ining problema [This problem] is happening everywhere. We will be doing this in Iloilo City para makita sang iban nga maubra ini [so others will see that it can be done]. “Our objective is to ensure the safety of everyone, and of course, the esthetics of the lines that are being installed in the city. Definitely, our streets will soon look better, tidier and a lot safer,” he concludes.

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