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For real estate agent Ian Dexter Yanson Celis, who goes by the name ‘Ahenteng Ilonggo’, the first few years of an agent’s real estate career usually determines if he or she can make it in the industry. Having started his career in 2016, Celis continues to help Ilonggos find their future homes. Here, he shares his career journey and insights on the local real estate scene.

“Agents get paid on straight commission. If they don’t sell, they don’t eat. When you are talking with an agent who has 10 or more years’ experience in real estate, you can trust that she is serious about the business and savvy enough to have weathered the various ups and downs of real estate cycles,” begins Ian Dexter Yanson Celis.

Celis started his real estate journey in April 2016.

“If real estate agents can survive a period when homes are not selling, and make it to the next boom, they are not only good at real estate but good at managing their business as well. If they are not performing for their clients – again and again – they would not have lasted this long,” he continues.

Celis reveals that his goal as an agent is to ‘help people search for a better place for their family’. This also includes giving clients value of service, providing a better platform, and serving people options when buying or selling their properties. Celis also enumerated tips on how to search for the perfect property.

“When buying your first home, it is often a good idea to use the services of an experienced buyer’s agent. These professionals are highly skilled and can help you navigate the process – which is especially helpful if you lack experience,” Celis says.

“One of the key benefits is that the realtor can act as an intermediary between you and the listing broker. That way, the listing broker may never have an opportunity to meet you, and therefore cannot exert any influence on you with persuasive salesmanship, or otherwise make an assessment of you and your emotions or motivation that could compromise your negotiating position,” he continues.

Celis shares his profiles, including his website, for those who want to explore more about the local real estate market. Here is his website, including profiles on various platforms.

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