Red Horse Reveals ‘Planner ng mga Walang Plano’

The general public has been enamoured for years over the Starbucks planner. This year, Red Horse released a sneak peek of the Red Horse Planner dubbed ‘Ang Planner ng mga Walang Plano’ on its Youtube Channel, Red Horse Lakas – Tama Channel.

The description of the video states, “Sa wakas! Mga repa, dumating na ang planner para sa tulad nating mga malakas at astig: ang #RedHorsePlanner. Di kailangan ng stickers para makakuha nito. I-tag na ang mga repa! At mag-subscribe sa Red Horse Lakas-Tama channel: youtube.com/LakasTamaChannel o mag-abang dito sa aming FB page, for more details.” Although the video did not state how fans can get the planner, it encouraged viewers to subscribe to the channel for updates. Here’s the video Red Horse has recently shared.

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